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October 23

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Aruba is a Caribbean island that is located just a few kilometers from Venezuela. And this is one of the four “countries” that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The length of the island is not more than 30 km, so it will be possible to inspect it all quite quickly. Aruba is known for its snow-white beaches and tropical climate. The temperature here all year round averages 27 degrees Celsius. In addition, Aruba is located outside the Caribbean hurricane belt. What other characteristics can a paradise island have?

Queen Beatrix International Airport, AUA

The airport, located in Oranjestad, receives mainly flights from the USA, many countries of the Caribbean region, the northern coast of South America and some countries of Europe. Surprisingly, the airport on this island lost in the Caribbean appeared already in 1934. And it should be said, today it looks great. Definitely not worse than most modern airports.

The transport hub consists of only one terminal in a small two-story building. Nevertheless, they managed to stuff a whole series of restaurants and cafes here. And both in the zone before passing through customs control, and after it. Also quite good Wi-Fi is available here for bored passengers. However, there is no need to stay in the airport for a long time: long lines rarely occur, and there is really nothing to do at the airport. It’s better to go to the beach soon. Speaking of transport, by the way...

How to get from the airport to the city center?

The distance from the airport to the center of Oranjestad (Main Street) is 4 km. By car or taxi, the trip takes 10 minutes. You can get to the nearest beach (why else come to Aruba) in 20-30 minutes.


Several Arubus bus routes run past the airport. But they do not stop right at the terminal. You have to go to the end of the car park, located on both sides of the main road, to the Arubus stop. Buses No. 1, 2, 2B and 8 go to Oranjestad. Eagle Beach or Palm Beach beaches have routes No. 10, 10A, 10B, 7, 7A, 7B. Buses depart approximately every hour. A round-trip ticket costs $ 5.

For a taxi from the airport to the center of Oranjestad, the driver will ask for a fixed amount of 21 dollars. Maximum take 5 passengers. The price to beaches can rise up to $ 31, depending on the distance. At the same time, on Sundays, on holidays and at night, get ready for an additional 3 dollars on top of the fixed cost.

Quick facts about Aruba

Car rent
from $ 22 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 28 per night
Aruban Florin

Reference average prices in Aruba

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 10,76
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 60
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 2,75
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 2,5
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 722

Best time to visit Aruba

Лучшее время для посещения: апрель-август и январь-март
Hotel from $28
The average temperature during the year ranges from 24°C to 32°C
The average rainfall per year is 432 mm

The best time to visit Aruba is from April to August. And at the same time, this is the season when literally everything rises on the island. And also at this time there is a low threat of getting into bad weather conditions.

Aruba Sightseeings

Aruba is divided into the north-east and south-west coasts. In the southwest thre are white sand beaches, turquoise and warm waters. The northeastern coast is mostly rocky coastline, treacherous currents and stormy waters. Therefore, there is always a place for lazy beach holidays, and for breathtaking natural views.


Aruba really has a lot of great beaches. Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Malmok and many others stretch along the 11-kilometer coastline. Some of them are suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. Closer to the northeast coast, where bigger waves appear, kitesurfers and windsurfers gather. And in the southeast, on the contrary, there is very calm water, which is suitable for a relaxed family vacation. Anyway, the choice of beaches here is huge, and finding an almost deserted place will be quite simple task to do.


The capital of Aruba is truly charming. It is fully built up with Dutch colonial architecture. Along neat streets, buildings in pastel colors are built here, in which dozens of shops, restaurants, museums, galleries and other entertainment venues are located. One of the main attractions of the city is Wilhelmina Park on the promenade, where many plants bloom in June, September and October. And along the water's edge you can find large and lazy iguanas.

Aricoc National Park

Almost 20% of the island is occupied by the huge national park Aricoc. Here you can find all the natural diversity of Aruba: a variety of cacti, caves, sand dunes, unique rock formations and much more. In the park you can find huge boulders decorated with ancient Indian paintings. And if you go up the paths, you can get to the observation deck with great views. And closer to the coast you can find the remains of a mill and a gold processing factory, which was mined here in the 19th century.

California lighthouse

The famous California lighthouse is on the north coast of the island. It is often depicted on local postcards and travel brochures. The lighthouse got its name in honor of the ship "Southern California", which sank off the coast. Around the lighthouse are sand dunes, which are also called "California". The lighthouse is closed to visitors, but the place itself is very picturesque. It is especially good to come here at sunset. You can also watch the sun set against the background of an old lighthouse from the terrace of a small local restaurant.


A huge number of ships sank around Aruba: from tugboats to cargo ships. For example, Antilia is the largest ship that has ever crashed in the Caribbean. Most tourists are brought here for underwater excursions. Other popular spots for divers include the 76-meter-long Jane Sea and the oil tanker Pedernales. Also near Aruba you can see beautiful coral reefs. By the way, they can be considered without diving. Just look for tourist boats with a transparent bottom.

Aloe Factory

One of the most interesting free classes in Aruba is a tour of the aloe museum, factory and shop. You could hardly have imagined so many interesting and unusual facts about this plant. Here tourists can watch a short film about the history of aloe cultivation in Aruba, they are shown how to cut the leaves and extract their healing pulp. The tour also includes a walk through the factory, where they show the whole process from harvesting to the production of various cosmetics from aloe. At the same time, each of them can be purchased at a local store.

What to eat in Aruba

You can find many network fast foods from the USA in Aruba. Most of them are located in the center of the capital and next to major resort hotels. So if you really want the usual food, you can always find some Burger King or Pizza Hut. Expensive restaurants most often serve Italian cuisine, including pasta and pizza.

Local food can surprise with its contrast. On the one hand, locals constantly eat baked cheese. On the other hand, you can easily find something more exotic like iguana soup. Do not be afraid to try unusual dishes in roadside shops with street food. Often for a small price you get high-quality and very tasty food.

In addition, there are many ostrich farms. Therefore, in restaurants you can often see ostrich burgers on the menu. At the same time, many restaurants serve fresh seafood dishes, which are caught here right on the coast.

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