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October 16

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The island of Curacao was lost in the Caribbean with Aruba and Bonaire. All this famous trio is located near Venezuela. It is believed that Curacao is located outside the so-called "hurricane zone" of the Caribbean. Getting here under a tropical storm is a pretty small chance. Curacao is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is always ready to provide a classic set for a paradise island holiday for any tourist.

Willemstad Curacao International Airport, CUR

It is pleasant to be here already at the time of arrival. As soon as the plane lands, the azure ocean waters and white beaches dotted with carefree tourists can be seen in the porthole. The sight is so beautiful that you want to jump into the water, just by stepping on the first step of the ladder.


By local standards, Willemstad Airport is quite large. But in comparison with other international airports, this is a tiny building in which there is absolutely nothing to do. Unless you can use the free Internet in an attempt to pass the time. Therefore, as soon as you pass all the customs controls, rather go outside, get on the bus and go to sunbathe.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

The airport is very close to the center which is only 6 km from the main square of Jamaa el Fna. The trip will take you only 15-20 minutes. Or you can walk at all. However, you should be careful of the sweltering heat, so it’s better to use transport.


Approximately every half hour, an L19 bus leaves Menara Airport. You can board it from 6 am to midnight. A one-way trip will cost you only $ 3, and you can buy a ticket directly from the bus driver. On the way, the bus makes several stops, so you will have the opportunity to get to the nearest hotel to the booked.

You can always take a taxi to the center of Marrakech. Moreover, the fare will not be so expensive. Only about 10 dollars. In this case, it is better to discuss the price in advance, so that in the end you will not be required three times the real cost.

Quick facts about Curacao

Car rent
from $ 20 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 20 per night
Netherlands Antillean guilder

Reference average prices in Curacao

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 10,81
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 53,4
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 2,13
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 1,28
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 573

Best time to visit Curacao

Best season to travel: May to November
Hotel from $20
The average temperature during the year ranges from 24°C to 32°C
The average rainfall per year is 639 mm

In Curacao, the temperature remains approximately the same year round, so the choice is between the tourist and non-tourist season, rather. Want fewer people? Come from May to September. Though it may rain.

Curacao Sightseeings

Curacao stands out very much from the other Caribbean islands due to its internal culture. Still, the Dutch-Caribbean combination turned out to be rather unusual, unlike other cities in the world. Although the city looks quite similar to typical Dutch architecture, the locals managed to develop their own culture and even language which is a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. However, official spelling has existed for only a few years.


Willemstad is the capital of Curacao where you can begin your acquaintance with the island. The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is divided into two parts: eastern and western, which are connected by the Queen Emma’s bridge. On the historic promenade of Willemstad, there are a number of colorful Dutch colonial-style houses. Once the local governor said that because of the snow-white walls of the houses, his head constantly hurts. Therefore, he ordered to paint them in different colors. So Willemstad turned into a museum city.

Hato Caves

Millions of years ago, caves formed in these places under the sea. During the ice age, the water level fell, and so the island of Curacao appeared. Every hour, organized tours are organized around the local caves. Cost is about $ 8 per person. Here you will be shown amazing limestone formations, natural pools, waterfalls and man-made statues. There is also a colony of bats inside the caves, so camera flashes are strictly forbidden if you do not want to scare away all the animals and tourists at the same time.

Ostrich farm

About a 15-minute drive south of Willemstad is a large ostrich farm. Here tourists organize real safari tours. They spend a whole excursion through the life of an ostrich from an egg to full adulthood. The farm is also full of giant emus which are very similar to ostrich birds, but darker in color. In general, you can get to know these giant birds better and try an omelet from a giant ostrich egg.


It is the largest national park of Curacao. The richest variety of local flora and fauna is concentrated here. Some of the birds and plants can be found only here, including wild orchids, a rare local owl and a white-tailed deer. You can also climb higher up the mountain to look at Curacao from its best side. Only it is better to do it early in the morning, no later than 11 hours, so as not to get into the most severe heat. Choose any of the 8 walking routes, take plenty of water with you and take care of comfortable shoes.

Santa Barbara Beach

At the southern end of Curacao, between the Caribbean Sea and the Spanish Bay, is the beach of Santa Barbara. Although this is not just a beach, but a whole resort with a huge hotel with 350 rooms. And there are also dozens of hectares of landscaped park with a huge sandy beach. In addition, the resort has several restaurants and an 18-hole golf course. Even if you can’t book your room here, just come relax on the beach. Royal holidays guaranteed.

Playa Abu

This is one of the best beaches on the island, which is very popular among locals. Between the high cliffs there is a small lagoon. And in its crystal clear waters, divers often start swimming. A coral reef begins just a few meters from the beach. In addition, Playa Abu is the safest place for tourists to dive into the sea from a cliff. It is not so high here, but you need to follow the places where other people most often jump from in order to accurately protect themselves from injuries. And after the jump, do not try to climb back onto the rock so as not to stumble upon a sea urchin, but calmly swim to the sandy shore.

What to eat in Curacao

The local cuisine of Curacao is a mixture of European, West Indian and East Asian flavors. Indonesian cuisine has been especially influential in typical island dishes. The Dutch influence is manifested through a huge amount of cheese, bread and seafood. The latter are especially good in Curacao, from catch to preparation hours pass.

On the island you can find a large selection of Indonesian dishes. All due to the fact that both islands were colonies of the Netherlands. In addition, typical Chinese snacks can be found throughout the island. At the same time, Chinese food is one of the cheapest here. And, strangely enough, there is no need to complain about quality either.

Of course, the Blue Curacao orange liqueur is the most popular on the island. And here you can find it in a big amount of variations and colors. Classic blue is achieved, unfortunately, with the usual food coloring. Nevertheless, the local liquor market is booming, and you can buy a small souvenir bottle on almost every corner.

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