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October 16

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Kittilä is a municipality and village in Lapland, about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The region has become a very popular holiday destination, especially in winter, thanks to the world-famous ski resorts in the vicinity of Levi and Ylläs in the municipality of Kolari, as well as in the Pallas Yllästunturi National Park that surrounds Ylläs.

Kittilä Airport, KTT

One of the main airports in Northern Finland is located outside the Arctic Circle. The airport is heavily congested, especially in the winter season. From here, travelers are very convenient to get to the main attractions and ski resorts in Lapland. Most tourists come from Ukraine, Russia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Canada.


At the same time, Kittilä Airport is very tiny. Only 50 people work here all year round, and in winter the number of staff increases to hundred. Although for a fairly small town, the airport still remains the most important transport hub. Nevertheless, an ordinary traveler has nothing to do here: there are few shops, there are almost no cafes, and in general Kittilä Airport is literally 10 minutes interesting, and then you need to urgently set off to watch the northern lights.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

Kittilä airport is only 5 kilometers from the city of the same name. If it weren’t for the harsh polar winters, you could walk to the center in half an hour. But still, the walk may not be the most pleasant in case of frost, so it’s better to get to transport (of course, if you don't need to save as much money as possible during the trip).


Any of the local resorts can be reached by bus. Most of them are at the exit of the terminal. The trip will take from 40 minutes to an hour. The cost will vary between 10-15 dollars one way.


In addition, you can easily take a taxi to any point in the province of Kittilä. The cost and travel time will depend on the distance. But expect a taxi here to cost about $ 1.5 per kilometer.

Quick facts about Kittilä

Car rent
from $ 27 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 45 per night

Reference average prices in Kittilä

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 11,02
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 55,08
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 7,27
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 3,86
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 605

Best time to visit Kittilä

Best season to travel: May to August
Hotel from $45
The average temperature during the year ranges from -14°C to 14°C
The average rainfall per year is 477 mm

Precipitation here does not fall in critical quantities at a time, but gradually throughout the year. Therefore, at any time, prepare for rains or snow.

Kittilä Sightseeings

Kittilä is a place of exceptional natural beauty, regardless of the time of year, and perhaps this explains why some of Finland's best artists live and work in the region, despite the tiny local population. For those looking for a short break from the ski slopes and nature trails, visiting museums dedicated to these artists will be an ideal relaxing and cultural holiday.


7 km from the center of Levi, you will find a great place to release your mind from stress and relax. It has a natural spa and sauna, which uses water from the Lapland River. There are hot and cold outdoor baths, as well as traditional saunas. There is also an ice gallery where you can take your best photos. Every year new exhibits are built here, while an ice castle with a snow chapel, an ice gallery and an ice bar is constantly standing.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

The park is located in the municipalities of Kittilä, Kolaria and Muonio. It is one of the oldest national parks and the third largest park in Finland. In Muonio, it’s good to start a hike in the park, because the landscape here is relatively flat. And everywhere there are cute village courtyards, where you will always be helped to find food and essentials. In addition, during the trip you can get acquainted with the alpine flora and fauna. And the most common plant here is the eight-leafed dryad, which is considered the most beautiful flower of Lapland.

Dog team

Husky dogs are amazing in their own way. But a dozen harnessed doggie with blue eyes, which cheerfully pull the sled in the snow, will please any adult no less than children. In Lapland, sled dogs are a traditional means of transportation. And any tourist can try it on himself. Or even watch the training of these cheerful dogs.

Midnight sun

This is one of the most iconic natural phenomena in the northern region. The inclination of the earth's axis allows the northern regions of Finland throughout the summer is in the state of the day (and in winter, in fact, at night). In summer, the sun moves simply in a circle in the sky. And in the municipality of Kittilah, you can best see the beauty of this natural phenomenon. It also hosts the Midnight Sun Summer Film Festival, during which 20-30 of the best contemporary films from around the world are shown non-stop.

Northern Lights

Absolutely everyone saw the bewitching pictures of the Northern Lights, which fills the sky with green lights. But few people saw this mysterious and magnificent sight in real life. In Rovaniemi, it is probably the easiest to see. To hunt for the northern lights, you need to be a fairly patient person. You can go on an organized tour with experienced guides who know exactly when the sky will light up with lights. And you can independently wait for the northern lights while relaxing in the city.

Ice fishing and gold mining

Lapland has at least 1,000 lakes, and Lake Inari in the far north is the largest. In summer, you can try to mine gold, since it was here that the first deposit of this precious metal was discovered in 1868. After that, many locals and tourists tortured happiness in search of gold. And in winter you can go ice fishing. Drill a couple of holes in a thick ice crust and catch some fish like rainbow trout or perch.

What to eat in Kittilä

Kittil’s main traditional dish is called poronkäristys. It is reindeer stew in a pan with butter and water. Usually is served with soft mashed potatoes. All this is decorated with lingonberry jam and slices of pickles. It’s worth trying at least once. Especially since the dish served in almost all restaurants in the city.

In general, Lapland is characterized by simple and hot food. Moreover, all of it is made from the freshest and most environmentally friendly local products. The local diet always has a lot of meat and fish. And the abundance of berries allows you to create healthy desserts with a low amount of sugar. In general, even the most ordinary burger will become a unique gastronomic experience in Kittilä. All thanks to juicy meat and vegetables rich in taste.

And from desserts you need to try carrot cake. This dessert is prepared in every place according to its own recipe. But it is always very tasty. Especially with a cup of hot coffee without milk and sugar.

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