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October 9

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Only 200 thousand people live in the largest city of Iceland. And this is the majority of the country's population. At the same time, it is the center of culture and life of the Icelandic people and one of the centers of local tourism. The city center is a small area with eclectic colorful houses, excellent restaurants and bars. If you want to quickly understand Iceland, you need to go straight to Reykjavik.

Keflavik International Airport, KEF

This is Iceland's largest and most important airport, in which almost all travelers to this cold northern country arrive. Keflavik is located in the western part of Iceland, near the city of the same name and 50 km from Reykjavik.

Keflavik Airport consists of only one main terminal. Moreover, it is quite small and not so comfortable. There are very few shops and cafes. At the same time, prices are unusually high. Of good things in Keflavik is free Wi-Fi. And one of the features is the absence of any lounges for business class. Even for money it will not work to increase the comfort of staying at the airport.

Also, expect lines and obscure signage everywhere. It may take some time to figure out the whole system and get out of the airport.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

To get to the center of Reykjavik, you need to drive on local roads for at least 50 minutes. The main way to do this is the Flybus. Usually, the buses leave 35–40 minutes after each arrival of the flight. The bus stop at Reykjavik, which is 5 minutes away walk from the center. A one way trip will cost as much as $ 23. But in this country everything is expensive and everywhere.In addition, the capital can be reached by public transport. Bus number 55 runs ten times a day from the airport to the city. Mostly Icelanders use it, and tourists prefer Flybus. The advantage of a city bus in cost: ticket price is $ 15. But there is a drawback: your trip will take almost an hour and a half.

Taxis in Reykjavik are a very expensive pleasure. However, this option is also available at the airport. You’ll drive the same 45 minutes, but you’ll have to pay about $ 140 to get to the center.

Quick facts about Reykjavik

Car rent
from $ 13 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 23 per night
Icelandic Krona

Reference average prices in Reykjavik

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 19,7
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 121,18
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 9,69
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 3,8
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 1624

Best time to visit Reykjavik

Best season to travel: July to August
Hotel from $23
The average temperature during the year ranges from -3°C to 14°C
The average rainfall per year is 848 mm

Reykjavik has difficult weather conditions most of the year. Therefore, you can come here for walks only in the summer. But it is better to look at the northern lights from February to March or from September to October.

Reykjavik Sightseeings

Reykjavik is very different from other northern capitals due to its "young" age and rapid growth in the late 20th century. Yes, there are no magnificent buildings and picturesque old quarters. And basically it's like just a calm suburb of some major Canadian city. Nevertheless, Reykjavik has its own charm: unique, formed by the dualistic nature of this place, which, it seems, has not yet decided whether it is small or large.

Hallgrimskirkja Church

Locals call this fantastic church the main attraction of Reykjavik. It took more than 40 years to build, so be sure to appreciate this overwork of Icelanders. The church can be seen from anywhere in the city, so finding a building is not difficult. Moreover, the church is located in the very center of the capital. To climb to the observation deck, you have to pay an entrance fee, but the view is worth it.

Reykjavik pools

There is generally nothing that Icelanders love more than swimming in the pool. There are about the same number of them as saunas in Scandinavia. The most popular and largest swimming pool in the city is Laugardalslaug, which was built in 1968, but has since been maintained in perfect condition. There are seven hot tubs, water slides, and even a minigolf course. In general, the pool in Reykjavik is a real place to relax like an amusement park.

Hot Springs

Technically, all hot springs are located outside Reykjavik. But getting to any of them is not difficult. Moreover, every Icelandic tourist should try this specific experience. If you arrive in Reykjavik during the short summer when it is the least cold, the hot springs may not be very impressive. But if you travel in winter, find the nearest natural hot pool, pull on your swimsuit, go into the water and enjoy the northern lights right from there. This experiment will be very difficult to repeat.


In the city center there is a unique conference center with futuristic architecture. In the evenings, various performances are constantly given here: from concerts of world stars to theatrical productions. And in the light of day, all these glass faces will perfectly complement your selfies. By the way, around the building there are many street food outlets that will be very pleased with their quality and taste (but not at the price).

Whale Watching

A 3-hour boat ride along the coast of Reykjavik is not a problem to find here. And most importantly, this is one of the few places in the world where you are almost 100% likely to come across some large marine animal. More than 20 species of whales live in local waters, including killer whales and huge blue whales. The main thing is to catch the moment when they quickly dash out of the water, capturing huge masses of it with their tails. A magnificent sight!

Тур Reykjavik Food Walk

The young Icelandic capital cannot offer so many interesting places for tourists. But the culinary culture is developing by leaps and bounds here. The Reykjavik Food Walk tour lasts three hours. During this time, you will be guided not only to the best restaurants, but also to various places hidden from tourist eyes. They will tell about food, and about the city, and share historical facts. A gastronomic tour usually leaves no one indifferent.

What to eat in Reykjavik

Hot dogs, fish, soup, yogurt, tomatoes and orange soda. These are the six best dishes in Reykjavik. Moreover, this set is suitable even for budget travelers. Yes, it doesn’t sound very impressive, but you just have to try ...

Due to the fact that Iceland is actually isolated from the rest of the world, and even constantly located in winter temperatures, the national cuisine is simple. There are not so many products. Therefore, the Icelanders showed imagination and came up with the most unusual things.

Hot dogs are really great everywhere. They can be called the visiting card of Reykjavik. Unusual ingredients are added to them, and taste combinations are perfectly combined at the same time. Other popular dishes include fish and chips with fresh fish, which is plentiful at any time of the year.

Meat soup is especially respected. Hot and high-calorie liquid warms perfectly in harsh climates. And local yogurt is low in calories and at the same time has a thick, creamy texture. A delicious snack, even by itself.

Local tomatoes are considered a distinctive feature in Reykjavik's cuisine. They are grown here year-round in greenhouses and sold in small glasses. Small but sweet tomatoes are generally not similar to those winter ones with a plastic taste, which can often be bought at supermarkets in other countries.

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