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October 16

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Rovaniemi has been considered the main business center of Finnish Lapland since the 19th century. Interestingly, the city was destroyed to the ground during World War II, and only a few buildings remained untouched. But rapid economic development in the following decades brought people and life back to the city. Rovaniemi officially became a city only in 1960, and in 2006 it became the center of an entire municipality of the same name. The city itself is pretty faceless, but everyone comes here not for architecture at all.

Rovaniemi Airport, RVN

The Arctic Circle crosses the local runway. Just due to the realization of this fact, Rovaniemi Airport seems more interesting than others. And just a few kilometers away is the village of Santa Claus, which makes Rovaniemi Airport the official transport hub of this fabulous character. Therefore, on New Year's holidays here, as expected, do not push around.

Basically, only Finland’s domestic flights fly here all year. But in winter, when the flow of tourists increases, some European flights land in the airport also. There is nothing special to do at Rovaniemi Airport. It is small and far from the main one in the country. But from here you can send a postcard with the Santa Claus stamp to anywhere in the world (or yourself, if you want to).

How to get from the airport to the city center?

To the village of Santa Claus, the reason almost all Rovaniemi tourists come, can be reached in a matter of minutes. You can even walk on foot. To Rovaniemi itself the travel would be a little longer.


Very convenient Airportbus run to the central bus station. It makes several stops along the road at the most famous local hotels. Basically, the schedule is tied to the time of landing of Finnair and Norwegian airlines. But anyone can use the bus, the cost is $ 11 per person or $ 18 for two at once.

At the exit from the terminal, taxi drivers are always waiting for tourists. Just look around, as tourists usually do, and some car will immediately approach you. You will drive to the center for about 10 minutes. And at a price the trip will cost about $ 30 approximately.

Quick facts about Rovaniemi

Car rent
from $ 22 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 23 per night

Reference average prices in Rovaniemi

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 11,02
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 55,08
🍺 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 7,27
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 3,86
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 605

Best time to visit Rovaniemi

Best season to travel: August to April and November to January
Hotel from $23
The average temperature during the year ranges from -15°C to 19°C
The average rainfall per year is 512 mm

Aurora Borealis is best seen on clear nights from late August to early April. The twilight of the polar night lasts from mid-November to mid-January and is the perfect time to meet Santa Claus and celebrate Christmas.

Rovaniemi Sightseeings

Due to its favorable location, Rovaniemi has become the center of education in Lapland. Therefore, it attracts crowds of students, or rather about 10 thousand during the school year. Thanks to this, Rovaniemi feels like a young and active city in which interesting events are constantly taking place. In addition, the city is interesting for its natural attractions. The longest river in Finland flows here, there are parks and hills, and in winter the city is immersed in a fairy tale.

Northern Lights

Absolutely everyone saw the bewitching pictures of the Northern Lights, which fills the sky with green lights. But few people saw this mysterious and magnificent sight in real life. In Rovaniemi, it is probably the easiest to see. To hunt for the northern lights, you need to be a fairly patient person. You can go on an organized tour with experienced guides who know exactly when the sky will light up with lights. And you can independently wait for the northern lights while relaxing in the city.

Dog team

Husky dogs are amazing in their own way. But a dozen harnessed doggie with blue eyes, which cheerfully pull the sled in the snow, will please any adult no less than children. In Lapland, sled dogs are a traditional means of transportation. And any tourist can try it on himself. Or even watch the training of these cheerful dogs.

Deer farm

More deer live in Lapland than people. You will learn this and other facts when visiting one of the many local deer farms. It is much more fun than it might seem at first glance. You can learn more interesting things about the local people, the culture of reindeer husbandry, ride a reindeer sleigh and even get a license to drive reindeer. Reindeer safari often includes musical breaks, berry tea by the fire with gingerbread cookies and an introduction to the life of local farmers.

Ranua Wildlife Park

This is not a zoo, but a real wildlife attraction. Although you will have to leave the city a little further to visit the park, it is definitely worth all the effort. Accessible to visitors, the park is a 2.8 km long trail, walking along which you can see more than 200 species of Arctic animals, including foxes, lynxes, polar bears and a large number of owls. Each of these animals is located in huge fenced spaces, so it seems that travelers are actually surrounded by a fence, not animals.

Santa Claus Village

At first glance it might seem like this is a place for children. But actually there is no stronger error. Santa Claus Village is the main place to visit in Rovaniemi. If you do not come here, then why visit this northern city? In the village you can literally meet with Santa and thank him for all the gifts received for the new year. The village is located on the symbolic line of the Polar Pole, so here you will do two unique things at once: meet the main fairy-tale character, and at the same time visit the North Pole.

Arctic Museum

Arktikum is a mixture of science, history and the museum of culture of the local people. Here you can learn more about Lapland traditions, about the economic development of the Polar Pole, about what needs to be done to preserve this unique part of the globe. And also the main advice: go there in the evening when there will be less people to see stars besides unusual exhibits and exhibitions through a specially constructed glass ceiling.

What to eat in Rovaniemi

The main traditional dish of Rovaniemi is called poronkäristys. This is reindeer stew in a pan with butter and water. Usually is served with soft mashed potatoes. All this is decorated with lingonberry jam and slices of pickles. It’s worth trying at least once. Especially since the dish served in almost all restaurants in the city.

In general, Lapland is characterized by simple and hot food. Moreover, all of it is made from the freshest and most environmentally friendly local products. The local diet always has a lot of meat and fish. And the abundance of berries allows you to create healthy desserts with a low amount of sugar. In general, even the most ordinary burger will become a unique gastronomic experience in Rovaniemi. All thanks to juicy meat and vegetables rich in taste.

And from desserts you need to try carrot cake. This dessert is prepared in every place according to its own recipe. But it is always very tasty. Especially with a cup of hot coffee without milk and sugar.

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