Экономьте деньги на рейсах с Crazy Llama

Llamaha, bro!

I'm Crazy Llama and I know It 😬

Meet the Crazy Llama

Unlike most of my competitors, I give you creativity and innovation.

I design the craziest animated marketplace ever for people, who adore emotional shopping and relaxing fun!

My vision is to pull you away from classic and formal travel shopping services, to the most loved brand!

While designing my products and services, I think about Gen Z. While filling you up with emotions, I think about kids. I think about speed to give you the craziest experience.  I am the  Crazy Llama, here to put the ease and enjoyment in your experience with my Marketplace. My main job is to help you find the best flights, ancillaries and other fun stuff to give you the best time. I am not just offering travel services through my Llama Marketplace, I am launching my vlog and other crazy stuff soon!

I am not arrogant, but informal

I provide speed and features

I offer you a great UX, easy and fun

Wow, you've read this far, bro!

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Episode 1. How did Crazy Llama become a cartoon blogger?

A very unusual story happened to me recently. It flipped my world upside down. How did I get here? What's gonna happen next? Let me tell you the full story. Or... I'll better show it to you. Make sure to watch till the end!

Episode 2. Flight home or first love?

Morning. Llama. 20 bucks and pug in luggage. Where does llam go? First love or first flight home? Will the llama fulfill his mission? To be continued.

Episode 3. Adventures in Venice!

First heartbreak? Don't know how to make money in a new country? It's easy, if you are a crazy llama. Busines starts with an idea! Take pug and let's GO!

Episode 4. Game of Thrones!

Dream or true?Sometimes, a little trip becomes so crazy as in your favorite series! So it is happend. The picture became a reality, but NOT WITH PUG!