Last revised on 26 April 2019

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What is IATA certificate?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is responsible for regulating the aviation travel industry across the globe. IATA accreditation, available for travel agents and cargo agents, simplifies the business relationship between agents and airlines, and gives airlines access to a worldwide network of reliably certified and recognized agents.

Full accreditation authorizes travel agents to sell international and/or domestic tickets on behalf of IATA member airlines.  It’s greatly simplifies the business relationship between travel agents and airlines. For travel agents and agencies IATA certifications means superior qualifications of their employees and services in general.

State Aviation Certificate for the sale of air travel transportation of Crazy Llama LLC

This certifies that LLC « Crazy Llama » meets the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine on civil aviation, including the Rules of certification of the entities providing agency services for the sale of air transportation, and is able to sell air transport (passenger /) services on the territory of Ukraine through the indicated offices.