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Welcome to Crazyllama.com (hereinafter - ‘Marketplace’).

Last revised on 24 December 2019

This Marketplace is intended to assist customers in searching and collecting information about travel, as well as in searching and purchasing travel related goods and services provided by the relevant suppliers, and not for any other purpose.

Dear user, you are on the WENOR Holdings LTD product rules page for the B2C model. If you want to familiarize yourself with the terms of use for the B2B model (applicable only for the territory of the State of Israel), please click on the following link:

The terms listed below and used herein shall refer to the following:

“We”, “us”, “our”, “Company”, “WENOR”, refer to WENOR Holdings LTD.

“You”, “your”, “User” and “Customer” refer to a person visiting our Marketplace and/or placing an Order for the Supplier’s services via our Marketplace. Customer is an individual that attained age of majority under the applicable law and is legally capable of entering into legal relationship with the Company  and or its Suppliers and or Supplier’s Agents and or Authorized Representatives. Customer also refers to a person indicated in an Order as a recipient of services.

“Order” refers to Customer’s application for Supplier’s services placed through the Marketplace or Company’s Customer Support Centers.

“Customer Support Center” – offline and online Customer Support Services organized for the Customers’ convenience which are rendered by the Company and or Authorized Representatives.  

Supplier” refers to a legal entity  providing as a principal and/or an authorized IATA agent having a legal right to book, provide ticketing services of the relevant principal the services of air carriage, airport services including but not limited to the priority check-in, priority security, priority immigration authorities , business lounge , and other additional air and non-air goods and services etc. (hereinafter – “Travel Related Goods and Services”) on the sole discretion of the Company, with which  the Company has entered into a licence agreement for promotion and sale of relevant services.

Supplier’s Agent” refers to a legal entity  providing as a principal and/or an authorized non-IATA agent having a required certification / legal right  to provide the Customer with the Travel Related Goods and Services on the sole discretion of the Company, with which the Company has entered into a licence agreement for promotion and sale of relevant services.

“Authorized Representative” – refers to a legal entity  acting as a principal and/or an authorized IATA and/or non-IATA Agent empowered by the Company to represent Company’s interests on the territory of one or many Countries on Company’s behalf including but not limited to provide the Customer with the Travel Related Goods and Services, held commercial negotiations  with Suppliers/Supplier’s Agents/ Airlines etc, technical documentation and technical support, process the payments through the Payment Providers (eg. Payment Gateways) or directly through Airlines or directly through Suppliers / Supplier’s Agents, and Customer support services, marketing, PR and advertising services etc. with which  the Company has entered into a licence agreement for representative services. The only and explicit list of Authorized Representatives can be requested here.

Booking Platform” refers to an IT eco system  (web, mobile, social networks etc.) – through which the Suppliers make available information for distribution using either Supplier’s API of their direct inventory or Supplier’s API of their 3rd Parties (Airline PSS, Airline GDS, Airline NDC etc.) on air tickets and/or other air and non-air services available for reservation, tariff, rules and terms and conditions of services performance, cost of services, availability as well as other conditions related to Supplier’s services provision.

“Partners” refers to any legal entities which cooperate with the Company in the field of provision of the technological assistance as well as the service assistance to the Customers in searching and purchasing Travel Related Goods and Services provided by the relevant Suppliers. Please be aware, that such Partners are separate legal entities with their own Websites and which may have their own legal documents including but not limited to the license agreements,   Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, etc.

“PSS” – Passenger Service System. Generally the PSS is made up of modules that are used to manage different parts of the airline’s business.The airline reservations system is the system that allows an airline to sell their inventory (seats). It contains information on schedules and fares and contains a database of reservations (or passenger name records) and of tickets issued (if applicable).The airline inventory system may or may not be integrated with the reservation system. The system contains all the airline’s flights and the available seats. The main function of the inventory system is to define how many seats are available on a particular flight by opening or closing an individual booking class in accordance with rules defined by the airline.

“Promocode” – an alphanumeric code issued by the Company that, when entered into specially designated fields on the Company’s electronic resources (on the payment page) and which allows the Customers to receive a discount on the services purchased from the Marketplace.

“GDS” – Global Distribution System ( Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan etc.). A global distribution system (GDS) is a computerised network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. The GDS mainly uses real-time inventory (for e.g. number of hotel rooms available, number of flight seats available, or number of cars available) to service providers. Travel agencies traditionally relied on GDS for services, products and rates in order to provide travel-related services to the end consumers. Thus, a GDS can link services, rates and bookings consolidating products and services across all three travel sectors: i.e., airline reservations, hotel reservations, car rentals.

“API” – In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software.

“NDC” – NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program (NDC Program) launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard).

We offer for your approval without any changes all terms and conditions set forth below (hereinafter – ‘Agreement’). Please read this Agreement carefully. If you do not accept all terms and articles of this Agreement, please do not use this Marketplace. The Agreement comes into effect upon Customer’s consent expressed by visiting any page or using any service of our Marketplace. We reserve the right to amend this Agreement at any time at our discretion without prior notice. Further use of the Marketplace implies your consent with possible updates and amendments that may be made to the Agreement.

Marketplace Terms of Use

By using our Marketplace you agree to be bound by the terms of this Terms of Use (also mentioned as the “Agreement”):

  • You have reached the age of 18, you are fully and legally capable, and have the legal right to enter into a contractual relationship with the Company , and that you will use the Marketplace in accordance with the present Agreement;
  • All the information that you provide is true, correct, current and complete;
  • When booking and paying for the Suppliers’ services for third parties, on whose behalf you are entitled to act, you must inform these parties of all terms, rules and restrictions of the selected fare, as well as of all possible changes related to the booking you have made;
  • When booking and paying for the Suppliers’ services for yourself and/or for other persons you agree not to make double bookings.

We reserve the right, at our own discretion, at any time and without explanation, to deny access to the Marketplace and the services due to breach of this Agreement, but not limited to this reason.

Confidentiality Policy

We understand that online booking and purchasing of services on our Marketplace requires a significant level of trust on your part. When using the Company Marketplace, you give your consent for Personal Information to be transmitted (and held) across country borders (including outside the European Economic Area). You also give your consent for cookies to be placed on your systems. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Prohibited Activities

The infrastructure of the content and information on this Marketplace including the subjects of intellectual property, patents, copyrights , information data such as price, taxes, fees schedule and availability relating to the Travel Related Goods and Services  provided via our Marketplace, as well as the technological infrastructure (eg. Booking Platform, hosting etc.) used to provide the Travel Related Goods and Services, is proprietary to the Company and/or our Partners and/or Suppliers and/or Supplier’s Agents.

In addition, the User hereby agrees not to:

  1. copy, amend, disseminate, transfer, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative products, sell or re-sell any information, software, products or services obtained as a result of using our Marketplace without the express written permission of the Company, except where permitted by law;
  2. use another person’s name, ID or password without permission or use this Marketplace while impersonating another person;
  3. use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of this Marketplace;
  4. make any speculative, false, or fraudulent booking or any booking in anticipation of demand;
  5. post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene or indecent material or any material that could constitute conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law;
  6. “frame”, “mirror” or otherwise incorporate any part of this Marketplace into any other website without the Company prior to the Company’s written authorization;
  7. not to take any actions that, in our opinion, cause or may cause overload of our Marketplace’s infrastructure;
  8. not to track and copy of any Marketplace contents using any automated means without our written consent;
  9. not to take any actions that, in our opinion, cause or may cause overload of our Marketplace’s infrastructure;
  10. not to take any actions that could complicate or restrict access to our Marketplace and its contents;
  11. and not to commit any speculations and fraud, including but not limited to flight booking.

Exceptions apply to the  necessity to the storage, downloads and copying   the itinerary receipts and related documents required for travel and use of purchased travel related goods and services.


Information, software, products and services posted on this Marketplace may contain some inaccuracies and errors. In particular, the Company does not guarantee 100% accuracy and shall not be liable for incomplete or unreliable information (in particular, availability of seats at a certain fare, airline statistics etc.), as well as for description of any products or services presented on our Marketplace, provided by our Partners and Suppliers.

The Company shall not be liable towards Customers for complete or partial downtime of the Marketplace or its components, as well as for the lack of Customer access to the Marketplace or any indirect or direct expenses of Customers related to these circumstances. The Company, our Partners and our Suppliers can make changes and amendments to our Marketplace at any time.

All the information, software, goods and services presented on the Marketplace, are provided according to the ‘as is’ principle, without any guarantees whatsoever. The Company is not liable towards customers for the quality and security of customers’ communication channels being used for working with the Marketplace, as well as for any damages to customers due to the use of poor quality or unsecured computer systems and communication channels.

The Company shall not be liable to the Suppliers or Supplier’s Agents for breaches by Customers or to Customers for breaches by Suppliers or Supplier’s Agents. When Customers book and/or pay for the Suppliers’ or Supplier’s Agents’  services on the Marketplace, they enter into contractual relationships with the relevant Suppliers or Supplier’s Agents.

The Company shall not be liable to the Authorized Representatives for breaches by Customers and shall be limited liable  to Customers for breaches by Authorized Representatives.

The Company is not liable for and shall not refund or compensate any indirect or direct expenses incurred due to breaches of service regulations by a direct Supplier or Supplier’s Agents, as well as in the event of any delay or cancellation of flight, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other reasons outside of direct control of the Company.

If, despite the restrictions above, the Company accepts responsibility for any damage or loss related in some way to any of the instances described above, the Company liability shall not, in any event, exceed the total value of the liability fee of the Company for provision of the services of the relevant Suppliers or Suppliers’ Agents or Authorized Representatives, or 100 USD or equivalent in local currency.

Flight Booking, Change, Refund and Cancellation

Customers shall bear full responsibility for preparing all necessary travel documents, guarantee correctness and completeness of all documents needed for departure and arrival, as well as for transit flights throughout their route, and possession of necessary visas, valid passports, powers of attorney and other necessary documents. the Company shall not be liable for passengers’ ignorance or non-observance of all necessary requirements of departure and arrival countries. Prior to booking their flights and beginning of travel, Customers shall verify possession of all documents and visas needed for their trip. For more detailed information, please visit this website: http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/ and read the information available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

The Company does not guarantee the security of international travel the Company shall not be liable for any damage and loss caused by such trip.

Prior to booking you should read the terms of the IATA Agreement  http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/tickets, as well as fare rules, flight refund and change terms of the selected service/fare of the Supplier and/or Supplier’s Agent and/or airline available on the Marketplace. Fare rules are displayed on the flight purchase page as provided by global distribution systems and Suppliers and/or Supplier’s Agent. You agree to comply with the rules, terms and restrictions imposed by Supplier and/or Supplier’s Agent  of a product or service that you purchase. Any failure to comply with the rules may entail a cancellation of your booking and denial of goods or services without reimbursement of the paid amount. By making a purchase you agree with all corresponding terms, rules and restrictions of Supplier and/or Supplier’s Agent .

During booking, you undertake to provide only reliable and complete data. Please note that due to specific operation aspects of global distribution systems and Supplier’s reservation systems, very often passenger data changes are not permitted once a booking has been made. Any change may lead to booking/ticket cancellation and a refund will only be possible in accordance with the selected fare rules. Thus, you assume all possible risks and expenses related to possible booking mistakes and inaccuracies. Please note that certain Suppliers may demand that at the time of check-in you present the credit card used to pay for your booking.

Suppliers may cancel your booking unilaterally and without warning if a ‘double booking’ (more than one reservation for a particular passenger on the same flight for one or more dates) has been detected. To avoid this, we recommend that prior to the purchase you cancel all existing duplicate bookings and do not make new duplicates after your booking has been made.

Flights for unaccompanied minor children, passengers unable to move independently, blind or deaf passengers and women in late pregnancy must be booked only in airline offices or agencies.

Communication via messengers

During booking You can add  your messenger profile from the available list of messengers to: 

  • receive actual information regarding the current status of your booking and changes made to it;
  • communicate with Our Customer Care Team in case You will have any problems with booking.

By adding your messenger profile on the Market Place You give Us consent to use your provided personal information (e.g. profile’s ID, cell number, alias name and any other identifying data)  for communication purposes, which includes information on your bookings status, requests and provision of promotional materials.


Before booking Fast line services on Our Market Place, please consider the following rules:

  1. Passengers must arrive at the place of rendering of the Fast line services no later than 60 (sixty) minutes before the departure time, indicated on the ticket, unless other is not specified in the rules of certain airline. Departure services are not guaranteed to the Customers who had arrived less than 60 (sixty) minutes before the departure time.
  2. Passengers must comply with the applicable rules of airline, which carries out transportation, with the rules of the aviation security, with the rules of customs and border guard services.
  3. Passengers must behave themselves in an appropriate manner which will exclude any doubts to the flight safety as well as to comply with ethical norms and standards of conduct during the flight.

We guarantee to refund You the full or partial price of the flight ticket(s) to Your destination, subject to meeting the following conditions:

  1. The purchased flight tickets must be for a flight offered to You by Us. If You make any changes to the schedule of the flying route booked through Us without Our assistance directly with the selected or operating airline without Our previous approval and You encounter problems, this article shall not apply, and thus, You will not be entitled to any refund from Us;
  2. We must receive Your request for a refund within 14 days of the date when You were supposed to arrive at Your destination according to the original flight schedule;
  3. Along with the request for a refund, You must submit to Us an unequivocal and intelligible copy of the required documents according to the eligible Fare Rules.  

In case of involuntary cases You must submit to Us an unequivocal and intelligible copy of the required documents according to the eligible Fare Rules and IATA regulations.

Company receives a Service and or Agent  fee for the provision of services of the relevant Suppliers and or Supplier’s Agent . A corresponding fee sum is included in the cost of the relevant service and is explicitly displayed prior to your purchase on the Marketplace, and in your profile  in case of change or refund of a ticket. This Service/Agent/Booking fee, Discount from the final payable amount areis not subject to refund in case your flight has been fully or partially refunded, including without limitation the cases of an involuntary refund (flight cancellation or passenger illness or death). Also, the Company charges You with a service fee for the refund procedure in the amount 10 USD.

Flights can be changed or refunded voluntarily (upon customer’s request) directly from the relevant airline in accordance with airline rules of the selected fare, according to which your booking has been made and tickets have been issued. Please note that according to fare rules airlines may charge a penalty for change or refund. Also, in the case of partial or full refund, the airport charges may apply which are not refundable according to the rules of the certain Provider.

Involuntary refunds will be made only if approved in written  by the Supplier and or Supplier’s Agent and/or Airline). Refund is made in the same form of payment for which the original purchase was made.

Ticket cancellation is possible only if approved by the Supplier and/or Supplier’s Agent (or Airline) and if such service is available on the Marketplace.

All sums of fees for the Suppliers’ and/or Supplier’s Agent services provision are explicitly displayed after the start of calculation and until completion of a corresponding page.    

Please note that if a price freeze or payment by installments is involved, until a full payment for your flight is made:

  1. Notwithstanding airline conditions, your ticket is not subject to refund or change;
  2. Downpayment gives a right to purchase flights at a fixed price;
  3. Downpayment is non-refundable;

Suppliers and Supplier’s Agents may set their own rules for sales of air travel. They have the right to change them with the immediate effect, including rules for the use of fares, rules for full or partial return of air tickets, rules for changing the route, rules for no-show, penalties, rules for carrying luggage, rules for transporting unaccompanied children, passengers with bulky hand luggage, passengers with disabilities, passengers with children and infants, denial of carriage rules, as well as provision of services that relate to air and/or non-air ancillary services included but not limited to: seats, meals, bags, in-flight entertainment etc.

Cancellation policy applicable for the Israeli Customers and or getting their services on the territory of the State of Israel:

Please note that for the State of Israel (hereinafter – “Israel) the additional cancellation policies are implemented due to the limitations of the applicable local laws:

  1. All orders are subject to change or cancellation fees from the moment the order is made, as specified in the terms of the IATA Agreement.
  2. Cancellation and / or changes terms are subject to change in accordance with the Supplier’s conditions, the type of product, the timing of the order and the date of departure, as well as in accordance with the conditions specified in the flight tickets and / or the airline issuing the ticket.  
  3. In addition to and without derogating from these conditions, in any case of change or cancellation of regular flight after the ticketing the service fee in the amount of a minimum USD 10 per person per transaction in addition to the cancellation fees provided by the Suppliers and/or Supplier’s Agent and or Authorized Representative. It is hereby clarified that any Customer who purchases Travel Related Goods and Services from Company is entitled to cancel the transaction under the terms of cancellation of the mitigants provided that the cancellation notice and the cancellation method were done in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law within 14 days from the date of making the transaction (1) of the Consumer Protection Law – a person with disabilities, a veteran citizen and a new immigrant as defined in the Law – who may cancel under mitigating terms up to 4 months from the date of execution of the transaction) or from the date of receipt of an open document (document with details of the transaction) (not weekends) prior to the departure / start of service (the day of departure is not counted in the 7th-day count).
  4. Days that are not weekends are Sundays to Thursdays and Fridays until 12:00.
  5. Cancellation terms: in any event of cancellation under the aforesaid conditions, the Customer will be charged a cancellation fee at a rate not exceeding 5% of the cost of the order or NIS 100 per person, whichever is lower, according to the Supreme Court’s ruling on 7187/12 Zemah El Al.
  6. In each case – the cancellation conditions are subject to the Consumer Protection Law and the Consumer Protection Regulations and in the event of contradiction, the provisions of the law prevail over all that is stated in these conditions.
  7. It is hereby clarified that in any case of cancellation of services provided fully abroad, including but not limited to the hotels, car rental, domestic flights, etc., full cancellation fees will be applied at all times, since the Consumer Protection Law does not apply to services provided fully abroad.
  8. The terms of cancellation and change apply to the entire order and parts of the order but the separate products may not be canceled.
  9. Company  may cancel a transaction on its own initiative in the event of a misprint occurred  (both by the Supplier and/or the Supplier’s Agent), whether at the price or in the description of the product, in the event of a technical and / or other events and / or force majeure.
  10. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau of Israel periodically issues “travel warnings” to Israelis regarding various destinations abroad, which are not recommended to visit by Israelis, but in no event do they constitute a prohibition on the provision of tourism services related to them or any requirement to cancel an order for destinations to which a travel warning was published or any other type of similar prohibitions.


    1. The Company from time to time may provide its Customers with Promocodes.
    2. The Company can apply some restrictions by airlines, dates, flights and routes using Promocodes.
    3. During booking, the Promocode will be applied to the total amount of the Order, regardless of the number of passengers in the booking.
    4. Promocodes are non-refundable in currency. 
    5. In case of ticket cancellation or any other issue, which can be subject to the Company’s refund procedure, the amount of refund will be reduced on the Promocode’s value on the rate of exchange on the date of the ticket booking/purchase. Please note the refund of the ticket can be done only accordingly to airline fare rules. 
    6. If You decide to cancel, reroute, refund Your ticket,  then the penalties due, will be adjusted accordingly based on the Promocode value used.  
    7. The minimum protection fee can be applied to the Promocodes, meaning the minimal difference between the total price of the booking and Your Promocode value. In this case Your Promocode value shall be not less than announced value or equivalent in other currency (the minimum transaction fee set by the payment providers). 


    Promocode of the day 

    1. Promocode of the day is a Promocode which can be used by Customers only on the day of its issuance by the Company. The Company issues Promocodes of the day through its electronic communication means. 
    2. Promocode of the day can be used by a limited number of people (up to one). The Customers are allowed to share unused Promocode of the day to other persons.

Currency Converter

Exchange rates available on our Marketplace are obtained from public and or commercial  sources and are provided for information purpose only. Exchange rates vary every day. Payment Providers and acquiring banks may apply their interchange currency rates, cross rates, fees and charges etc. which WENOR has nor influence over. WENOR has the right to set the exchange rate.

Prior to using this information for any financial transactions, we recommend that you consult a qualified specialist to verify accuracy of rates displayed with your bank directly. We prohibit using this information for any purpose other than personal use.

Airfares, fees for services and booking currency are explicitly displayed prior to your flight purchase, change, refund or ticket cancellation.


The Order Status Page displays prices of products/services in currency of Supplier or Supplier’s Agent. The indicated amount will be blocked on a Customer’s credit card in the currency of the selected goods or services. Within several days after the ticket issuance, Supplier or Supplier’s Payment Provider shall charge the blocked amount from your credit card. In the event that the Supplier’s currency and your credit card currency differ, your bank can make conversion at its internal rate.

Please note that the Company has the right to charge a service fee, which is non-refundable for a list of services that are spelled out in this Agreement.

This rate may not coincide with the rate displayed on our Marketplace or with the rate of the Central Bank of the country where the card emitting bank resides. We recommend that prior to purchase you verify with your bank representative the internal rate of your bank and possible currency conversion commission. By making your payment you confirm that you have obtained the corresponding information and agree to pay the final price. If you make your payment with a credit card that does not belong to you, you must obtain a written consent to make a purchase from the direct owner (holder) of the card.

After completion of flight refund or ticket cancellation, notwithstanding the card’s status and expiry date, and in accordance with regulations of your bank and Visa and MasterCard, the refunded amount will be credited to your card/account:

  1. Payment via Marketplace: within 3 to 30 business days;
  2. Payment to the Supplier and or Supplier representative: within 3 to 60 business days.

We do not store your credit card details. To speed up future purchases, customers may store their credit card details in encrypted form on servers of our partner certified with PCI DSS Level 1. The booking process is fully automated and  requires no human input. Our Marketplace fully conforms to security standards of Visa and MasterCard.

Copyright and Trademarks

All contents of this Marketplace and programme code are the subject of  WENOR Holdings LTD copyright. The “Suitcase” logo “Сrazy LLama” is registered trademark of WENOR and all rights reserved.

Third parties trademarks. The trademarks, logos, and service marks (hereinafter referred to as the “Trademarks”) displayed on the Marketplace are registered and unregistered Trademarks of their respective owners.

All Trademarks related to the operating Providers that are displayed on the Marketplace belong to their respective owners and We use these Trademarks solely for Your convenience. Nothing contained on this Marketplace should be construed as Our pretension of these third party Trademarks or as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the Website without the express written permission of its respective owner.

Your misuse of the Trademarks displayed on the Marketplace, or any other content on the Marketplace is strictly prohibited. You must ensure that Your use of the third party content (Trademarks, logos, watermarks and other registered details) complies with all applicable laws and the intellectual property and other rights of the relevant Provider.

You acknowledge and agree that the third party content and all intellectual property rights subsisting in third-party content will remain the property of the relevant Provider.

No part of the third party content may be modified, duplicated, published, uploaded, distributed, translated, adapted, marketed or used, without the prior written consent of the relevant Provider.

Should you become aware of violation of our rights, or of the Provider’s rights in connection to the Company’s Marketplace, please notify us via this email: IPR@crazyllama.com.

If you believe that materials posted on our Marketplace violate your copyright, then you or your authorised representative can send us a written notification, which must include the following information: a definition of the copyright which you believe is violated; your contact details, including your email address and telephone number; your confirmation that the information in the notification is correct, that you are aware that you may be held liable for perjury and that the complaining party has the right to act on behalf of the owner of the allegedly violated exclusive rights. The notification must be signed by a person authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the allegedly violated exclusive rights.

The notification shall be sent to: IPR@crazyllama.com

Prior to submitting such notification, we recommend that you consult a lawyer. We will consider all notifications that comply with the above mentioned requirements.

Please take into account that if you file a false copyright violation claim you may also be held liable for any damage we may incur.


All software on this Marketplace is the subject of WENOR Holdings LTD. The use of the software is governed by the License Agreement with Customers, Suppliers and or Supplier’s Agent. The License Agreement accompanies the software or is a part of it (“License Agreement”).

If you did not accept terms of the License Agreement, you cannot install or use any software which is accompanied by the License Agreement or includes it. For any software available for download on our Marketplace, not accompanied by License Agreement and not included in it, we hereby grant you, the Customer, the restricted, personal and non-transferable license to use this software for browsing and other use of the Marketplace, in accordance with this Agreement, and not for any other purpose.

Please note that all software, including all HTML code, JavaScript and CSS contained on this Marketplace, is the property of WENOR Holdings LTD and our Partners and is protected by copyright laws and international agreements. Any reproduction or dissemination of the software is absolutely forbidden and may lead to civil and criminal liability.

External Links

If some part of our Marketplace contains links to other websites, it shall be understood that such links are placed for information only. We do not control such websites and are not responsible for their contents. Prior to using other websites we recommend that necessary precautions should be taken.

Limitation of Liability

In addition to the limitations set forth herein, any case, the Company will not bear any responsibility for the following activities listed below:

  1. The Company does not control and is not responsible for the existence of the additional fees of payment systems, banks, interchange, and other payment instruments that are not within the control of the Company and which the Company can not affect in any way.
  2. The Company is not liable for plagiarism websites and other resources which copies the Marketplace, that conduct similar and harmful activities without proper permission from the Company. The responsibility of the Company is limited to services on the assistance of the Customers in searching and collecting information about travel, as well as in searching and purchasing Travel Related Goods and Services provided by the relevant Suppliers and/or Supplier’s Agent  hosted on the following domains: crazyllama.com, booking.crazyllama.com, shop.crazyllama.com. 
  3. The Сompany is not liable in the event of default by the Suppliers and/or Supplier’s Agent  in connection with force majeure included but not limited to bankruptcy, debts, existence of any decisions of state authorities or civil aviation authorities that make it impossible for Suppliers and/or Supplier’s Agent to perform their duties and other accidents which are defined as force majeure circumstances according to a Force Majeure definition given hereunder.
  4. The Сompany is not liable for the death, moral damage or the occurrence of other injuries to Customers that may arise during the use of the Marketplace.
  5. The Company is not liable for the refusal of the Supplier and/or Supplier’s Agent to transport the passenger on the basis of its violation of flight safety rules, violation of the visa regime, violation of the rules of immigration or customs control, failure to provision of the necessary documents, etc., and the Company does not reimburse any such expenses of such Customer related to such refusal.
  6. The Сompany is not responsible for any additional charges or surcharges established and regulated by the airlines, their airport handling agents, general sales agents , other offices, airports, customs or immigration services that are charged directly to the Customer.
  7. The Сompany is not responsible for the type of aircraft, its age, and the operating carrier of the aircraft, as well as for the actions of its employees or representatives.
  8. The Сompany is not responsible for the Supplier’s and/or Supplier’s Agent notifications, their context, timing, presence or absence in cases when the Customer may expect to receive them, as well as for changes in the schedule, cancellation of flights, etc.
  9. The Сompany is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the Customer’s data which is entered on the Marketplace, including but not limited to: name, surname, date of birth, passport details, visa, email address, address, type of passenger, and other information needed to order the services according to this Agreement.
  10. Marketplace Crazyllama.com provides the passenger with an online platform for choosing and purchasing airline tickets and related services for affordable flights. However, due to COVID-19, a valid air ticket does not guarantee the right to fly for a passenger. The exceptional responsibility of the passenger is to monitor and comply with visa requirements, border crossing rules, requirements of some countries to undergo mandatory paid test for corona-virus, self-isolation rules, possible reasons for refusing the entry / exit / transfer in / out / through a certain country, information about flight cancellations. Disagreement, ignorance or non-observance of these requirements does not relieve the passenger from the following liability or possible material or moral losses.  

All claims related to the provision of direct passenger transportation services are the responsibility of the Suppliers and or Supplier’s Agents, airports or service companies on behalf of the Suppliers and or Supplier’s Agents, including but not limited to: flight overbooking, flight delays, flight irregularities, disruption, emergency, involuntary downgrade, involuntary upgrade, equipment change, wrong day boarding, involuntary rerouting, flight diversion, injuries during the flight journey etc.

Force Majeure

Please be informed that this Agreement does not apply to cases of flight delays, change or cancellation caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Such circumstances may, in particular, occur in cases of political instability, meteorological conditions incompatible with the operation of the flight concerned, security risks, unexpected transport safety shortcomings and strikes that affect the operation of an operating air carrier, significant limitation of airport(s) and/or train station operation, as well as bankruptcy, insolvency or termination of 50% or more of all flights of the certain airline or any other effect which significantly limits or disables the selected or operating airline to provide its services (hereinafter referred as “Force Majeure”).

Please note that in these cases We will make Our best effort to offer You an alternative flight(s) for You in order to eliminate inconveniences that You may incur in relation to this matter. However, We have no obligation to provide You with alternative flight(s) or otherwise cover the expenses for the alternative flight(s) affected by the effects of Force Majeure as well as other connecting flight(s), which You were not able to use due to the effect of Force Majeure.

Documentation to support cardholder participation in the transaction

If We have doubts about the fact that the Order is made on the Marketplace by the Customer who is the lawful holder of a payment card (i.e. legitimate cardholder), then We (and/or Payment Solution Provider):   

  • Send (show) an electronic message that Customer’s payment goes through anti-fraud checking procedure
  • may request from the Customer the following information, which would make possible for Us to confirm the legality of operations (transactions) on the Marketplace:
    1. Evidence (photographs, emails etc.) to prove a link between the Customer who placed the Order (made a purchase) and the actual cardholder.
    2. Proof that the air ticket was received at the cardholder’s email and/or billing address. 
    3. Details of frequent flyer miles relating to the disputed transaction that were earned or redeemed, including address and telephone number, that establish a link to the cardholder.
    4. Evidence of any of the following additional transactions related to the original transaction: purchase of seat upgrades, payment for extra baggage, or purchases made on board the passenger transport.

Until the fulfilment of data validation, We reserve the right to suspend the provision of services on the Marketplace (such procedure, usually takes up to 24 hours from the moment  when We have requested the information from the Customer). We also reserve the right to request additional documents (evidence) if the previously submitted information will not be indisputable evidence of the legitimacy of the payment card’s use. If, based on the results of the data consideration, it is established that the operation does not comply with the legitimate use of the payment card, We reserve the right to refuse to conduct any operations on the Marketplace with the Customer. 

Refunds are made by Us within 10 (ten) business days from the date of issuing the ticket refund. However,  We are not responsible for increasing the time for transferring funds, which depend on the payment systems, payment services and banks used by the Customer (the person who paid for the airline tickets) and this term may extend up to 30 (thirty) business days. 

Final Provisions

In case the Customer has any claims and/or complaints  in regards to the provision of services by the Suppliers or Supplier’s Agents, he should first notify the Company of such claims and/or complaints, so that We can take all the actions to empower  the Authorized Representatives or Suppliers or Supplier’s Agent to coordinate, assist, take corresponding corrective actions in the the occurred situation.

 Should you breach this Agreement, any law and/or third party rights, you agree to protect and guard the Company and WENOR Holdings LTD. and its employees and/or freelancers, against any claims, lawsuits, demands filed by third parties, as well as losses, damages, penalties and other expenses of any nature (including, but not limited to, accounting and legal expenses).

Use of the Marketplace is illegal in any jurisdiction that does not accept all terms of this Agreement.

You also agree that, within the framework of applicable legislation, you on your own accord are liable for any lawsuit or claim related to your access to the Marketplace or your exploitation of the Marketplace for the period of 3 (three) years of the date of receipt of a lawsuit or claim.

If any part of this Agreement is declared void, illegitimate or invalid, then the voidance, legitimacy and applicability of other provisions remain in force. Our renunciation or delayed fulfilment of any of the provisions of this Agreement at any time does not annul our right to apply the same or any other provision of this Agreement in the future.

This Agreement (as well as any other provisions and terms mentioned in this document) is a full agreement between you and WENOR Holdings LTD with regard to this Marketplace. It replaces all previous or concurrent messages and offers made in oral or in written form, between you and the Company, between you and WENOR Holdings LTD with regard to the Marketplace. A printed version of this Agreement and of any electronic notification may be used in legal or administrative proceedings, according to or concerning this Agreement, to the same extent and on the same terms as other business documents and records originally created and stored in hard copy.

We reserve the right to amend this Agreement at any time, and without prior consultation with Our Customers. This Agreement is valid and effective from the time when You send Us a completed online order form via Our Marketplace. Please be advised that this Agreement may be subject to change by the time You choose to use Our services again, and You should read them carefully before requesting any order of Our services. All versions of this Agreement are available on Our Marketplace.

This Agreement and any legal relations established under it or derived from it, including issues of its formation and validity, shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus with the exclusion of any rules on conflict of laws. In cases of disputes the courts of the Republic of Cyprus shall have complete jurisdiction over all disputes arising between You and Us.

All rights, not explicitly set out in this Agreement, reserved.


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