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June 18

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The primary international airport serving New York City, John F. Kennedy International Airport, simply known as JFK, was originally known as New York International Airport when it was built in the 1940s to supplement the LaGuardia Airport. Renamed in honour of President Kennedy after his assassination, the airport grew to surpass LaGuardia Airport in capacity.

Located in Queens, the airport is New York’s busiest transportation hub, and offers transfer to the city by an AirTrain system to the Manhattan subway, taxis, buses and car hire.

Quick facts about New York

Car rent
from 33.00 $ per day
Hotel booking
from 56.00 $ per night
Reference average prices in New York
🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 6.00
🍕Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 48.00
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 5.00
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 4.00
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 2,739

Best time to visit New York

The best time to explore the city
from April to July and March to May
Hotels from $56
New York is coldest in January with temperatures as low as 2°C and hottest in July with average temperatures of 25°C.
With a significant amount of rainfall in the year, the wettest month is May, during which there is an average rainfall of 107 mm. Total rainfall for New York in a year is up to 1144 mm. The driest month is February, which receives an average rainfall of 78 mm.
The weather

It’s best to visit New York from April to June and September to November, when the tourist crowds are not so crazy, and the weather is warm.

A city of five boroughs, New York is nestled at the confluence of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Manhattan, a highly populated borough, and one of the world’s major financial, commercial and cultural centres, is at the core of the city. Here visitors will find sites such as the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square.


These five boroughs, which make up the city, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and The Bronx, were consolidated in 1898.

Things to do in New York

This city appeals to people of various tastes, styles and hobbies. From sporting events, to classy meals, concerts and plays, there is a lot to occupy even the most hyperactive of individuals.

Home to some of the best restaurants, boutiques, museums, and bars, the city is constantly evolving and is hardly ever the same. It is a sleepless city, with various hot spots that cannot be explored within a limited time.

So, if you are ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple, be ready, because there is much to see and explore.

Other things you can do in New York include:

Central Park


A sprawling 693 acres of forests, meadows, rolling hillsides and man-made gardens, Central Park, situated just off 59th street is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Featuring such distractions as 21 playgrounds, sculptures, monuments, bridges, a zoo, ice skating rink and even a castle, the park is a must-visit for anyone exploring the city.

The High Line

One of the most unique open spaces in the city, this park is home to places like the Spur and Hudson Yards. The linear park offers lots to do and see, but can become unbelievably crowded sometimes.

Yankee Stadium

A most iconic landmark of the city, and a Cathedral of Baseball of sorts, the current Yankee Stadium is an improvement on the old one and reminiscent of Babe Ruth even though it is at a different location from the historic ballpark where he once played.

mmer begins, is a good idea for a fun and relaxing day.

Coney Island

Visit the Surf Avenue, Coney Island Museum or ride a 91 year old Cyclone. Take a walk along the beach boardwalk, swim or just relax with a hot dog.

Whatever you choose to do, a visit to New York’s Coney Island before summer begins, is a good idea for a fun and relaxing day. Also on Coney Island is the New York Aquarium where visitors can see the newly debuted “Ocean Wonder: Sharks!,” which houses hundreds of species of beautiful and exotic marine animals.

New York Cuisine

New York is not just a place of iconic sights and sounds, but also one of culturally rich and delicious cuisine. Some dishes to try include Knishes, which is a Jewish staple of dumplings stuffed with cheese, potato, or meat. There is also the hot dog, a New York staple since the 1860s, the perfect street food when in a rush and easy to find along streets or city parks.

Don’t forget to try the cheesecake, a rich and creamy pie, which is popular with New York restaurants. You could also try a milkshake, which is more a dessert than a drink, with different flavours of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or other ice cream or candy flavours.

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