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August 11

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San Francisco is one of those American cities that doesn't look like typical USA. Each street of the city is legendary in its own way, sung in songs or captured in the movies of great directors.


San Francisco inspires and makes travellers to fall in love with it. Ever dreamed of coming here? Be really careful: you may want to stay in San Francisco forever.

San Francisco International Airport

This airport is almost a hundred years old. It managed to grow from a small experimental training ground to an impressive international hub. The airport consists of 4 terminals and 115 gates. The international terminal is the largest in North America. So big that even a museum of aviation found its home here.


It is also the first airport in the world that has banned plastic bottles on its territory since August 2019. Special stations were installed in all terminals where you can pour drinking water into more environmentally friendly reusable bottles.

Front facade and entrance to SFO, San Francisco International Airport

So, you are in the airport. How to get to the center?

San Francisco Airport is 21 km away from the city center. The entire journey will take about 30 minutes with an average traffic load. Up to 60 minutes at peak hours.


First of all you can rent a car at the airport, but in this case you need to understand all the difficulties when riding through San Francisco by car. There are many narrow streets with lots of people and cyclist running around, dense fog often falls over the city in the morning, and the parking fee system may not be obvious to a beginner.


The second way to get to the center is by taxi. There are two most reliable options: Uber and Lyft. The cost of the trip will come from $ 25. By the way, both companies are based here in San Francisco, so all the new services can be tested first.

In addition to high-tech services in San Francisco, you can still call a regular yellow taxi

The third way is the local metro code-named BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). At the airport you need to find AirTrain, which takes you to the subway in a couple of minutes. There, buy a one-way trip ticket for $ 8.65. And then go to the center and get off at the desired station.


The fourth way — minivans SuperShuttle or GO Airport Shuttle. They can carry up to 7 people and deliver each to their destination. It costs $ 17 per person, but it may take longer to wait until there are people who want to ride.

Ground metro BART San Francisco

Quick facts about San Francisco

Car rent
from $ 17 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 50 per night

Reference average prices in San Francisco

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 17
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 80
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 7
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 2,75
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 3400

Best time to visit San Francisco

Best season to travel: April to October
Hotel from $50
The average temperature during the year ranges from 8°C to 20°C.
The average rainfall per year is 537 mm.

The air temperature does not change much during the year in San Francisco due to mild climate. Summer is usually dry and warm, and winter is rainy but not too cold.

San Francisco Sightseeings

San Francisco is definitely the most unusual city in the state of California. There is fun, and romance, and a full set of cultural symbols of different eras, and its own special mood. This is a dream city millions of people from all over the world fall in love with. A visit to San Francisco is often put on a secret wish list. And there are definitely reasons to do so.

San Francisco view

The Golden Gate Bridge

If you didn’t take a walk along the most famous bridge in the world while travelling through San Francisco, why coming at all? You can pass it in 30 minutes. But it will be a half hour walk on to legendary bridge.


And if you get off the bridge to one of the beaches nearby like Fort Point, Crissy Field or Golden Gate Overlook and wait for the so-called “golden hour” before sunset, you can see with your own eyes one of those romantic landscapes that we all saw in the movies.

Burning sky over the Golden Gate Bridge

Palace of Fine Arts

The monumental buildings in the United States of the early twentieth century are in many ways similar to ancient structures. The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts was clearly built under the influence of Greek and Roman traditions. This is one of the most inspiring places in the whole city. You need to come here at sunset to see how the lights come on and do real magic around.

Palace of Fine Arts at the best time of the day

Haight Ashbury District

Today San Francisco is all about technology, but in 1967 here happened the Summer of Love, and the epicenter was in the Haight-Ashbury area. Here you can still find the traces of the most significant hippie collection in history. Guided tours around the area tell stories about famous leaders of the movement, star members and details of that summer. Haight Ashbury is perhaps the only place in the world where you can feel the real hippie spirit.

Lombard street

This street is no less famous than the Golden Gate Bridge. The zigzag descent of 8 turns is commonly called "The Crookedest Street". Such an interesting solution was invented by a local resident Karl Henry in 1922. It seems that this street has not changed in 100 years: the same red brick, the same neat flower beds around and the same hype around the unusual shape of the street.

Cable tram

San Francisco's to-do list would not be complete without a ride in one of the charming old trams. This is a real emblem of the city. Trams in almost original form have been rolling tourists up and down the steep slopes of San Francisco for many decades. And in order to better know their history and principle of operation, a trip by tram can be completed near the cable car museum.

Sea Lions at Pier 39

A fairly large group of sea lions settled on pier 39 a few years ago. Local authorities while choosing between animals and sailors chose the first ones and found another place for the boats. Now these sea lions have become a real attraction of the city. Hundreds of individuals in dense rows lie on the pier, not paying any attention to people. Sometimes they growl quite loudly, and sometimes they giggle amusingly for the joy of tourists.



What to eat in San Francisco?

This American city is unique even when it comes to food. Classic hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pies you will also find here everywhere. But there are also special delicacies, which sometimes will make you wait in line for a while.


After hike to Pier 39 for sea lions, you can take a walk along the coast of North Beach. At local restaurants you need to order a classic American clam chowder seafood soup in a plate of buns and fresh Dungeness crabs, found only on the coast of North America. Such lunch will cost only 20-30 dollars per person.

One can find Dungeness crabs everywhere in San Francisco

At Buena Vista you can enjoy Irish coffee made by recipe honed for decades since 1952. People come here to drink coffee even in the evening. You can often watch the famous local bartender Larry Nolan pour a dozen drinks at once with a flick of the wrist. Buena Vista Irish coffee is not just a drink, but a real show.

Typical evening in Buena Vista

Egg custard tart is San Francisco's favorite dessert. They say that the best tarts are cooked at Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown. But the bakery often goes on vacation. That’s why there is a special website with the only function — tell whether Golden Gate Bakery is open today.

That tart from Golden Gate Bakery

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