Can I book and pay in any currency?

The currency for display is mainly an informative option. The data source for the currency to display, the currency for ticketing, and the currency for payment might refer to a different data source due to the Supplier/Supplier’s Agents and or Airline’s own policies.

Airlines regulate the currency for ticketing based on their rules and best practices. We are doing our best not to confuse you with all the booking, ticketing and payment steps by indicating such kinds of the information.

The Order Status Page displays prices of products/services in the currency of the Supplier or Supplier’s Agent. The indicated amount will be blocked on your credit card in the currency of the selected goods or services. Within several days after the ticket issuance, the Supplier or Supplier’s Payment Provider will charge the blocked amount from your credit card. In the event that the Supplier’s currency and your credit card currency differ, your bank will make a conversion at its internal rate.

Please note that we have the right to charge a service fee, which is non-refundable for a list of services that are available through this Market Place.

This rate may not coincide with the rate displayed on our Market Place or with the rate of the Central Bank of the country where the card emitting bank resides. We recommend that prior to purchase, you verify with your bank representative the internal rate of your bank and possible currency conversion commission. By making your payment you basically confirm that you have obtained the corresponding information and agree to pay the final price.

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