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March 12

Crazyllama collected for you all the necessary information about the El Al Israel Airlines – Contacts, Reviews and Rules.

Short overview

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More than just the national carrier for Israel, El Al Israel Airlines (code: LY), “Is Israel”, as the company slogan states.

Founded first in 1948, El Al has grown into an impressive airline that serves over 50 destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, as well as North and South America from its base, the Ben Gurion Airport. Considered one of the safest airlines in the world, due to its stringent security procedures, it is also the only commercial airline to provide built-in missile defense systems for its planes. Passengers fly with peace of mind, knowing they are onboard a craft, which has been named one of the safest in the world for nine consecutive years.

Culled from passenger reviews, below are some pros and cons for flying El Al Israel Airlines:

Cheap, affordable flight.
Kosher food.
Great customer service.
Great business class with full business service.
Prompt services, no delays.
Clean plane interior.
Safe flying.
Long queues at airport and long list of security questions.
Customers complain of discrimination of non-Jews.
Appalling food for those not used to kosher meals.
Old aircrafts.
Cramped seating arrangements with little legroom.
Non-professional staff.
Poor baggage service.

NOTE: El Al does not fly on Jewish religious holidays, and only serves kosher in-flight meals. It also provides great in-flight entertainment as well as exceptional service.

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