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September 11

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Copenhagen is completely different from what you think about it: historically rich, youth-oriented, sophisticated and at the same time outspoken. This city can be called a huge playground with hundreds of entertainment. There are parks, nightclubs, and trendy shops. And on the other hand, it is full of historical palaces and museums in which the treasures of the Vikings are exhibited. If you have not yet gathered in Copenhagen, you should hurry — this city falls in love with itself at first sight.

Copenhagen Airport, CPH

Copenhagen Airport is located in Kastrup, just 8 km south of the center of Copenhagen. It is Denmark's main international airport and the largest airport in Scandinavia. The airport serves 60 scheduled airlines and more than 62,000 passengers per day. In August 2019, the airport took the sixth place in Europe in terms of passenger convenience, and in September it entered the list of the best airports in the world. In fact, everything is quite restrained here. This is not such a large and functional airport as in Singapore, where you can literally live for several days with great comfort. The airport in Copenhagen most likely wants to welcome, quickly serve and comfortably carry passengers on. Why is it one of the best? Because everything works quickly and like a clock.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

Bus: several Movia bus routes run from the airport to the center of Copenhagen. Free shuttles run between the airport terminals. The trip takes about 45 minutes and costs $ 5.

Metro: The airport with the city center is connected by the M2 metro line. The station is located in terminal 3. The metro operates at intervals of 4-6 minutes during the day and evening and 15-20 minutes at night. Travel time from Noerreport Station in central Copenhagen to the airport is 15 minutes. The trip is worth the same $ 5 as the bus.

Taxi: Parking can be found at the exit of any of the arrival areas. It’s almost always possible to pay for a taxi with a card, but the trip will cost some money — about $ 40.

Quick facts about Copenhagen

Car rent
from $ 8 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 47 per night
Danish Krone

Reference average prices in Copenhagen

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 17,66
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 88,3
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 6,62
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 3,53
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 1 342

Best time to visit Copenhagen

Best season to travel: March to August
Hotel from $47
The average temperature during the year ranges from -3°C to 22°C
The average rainfall per year is 618 mm

Spring is very mild and pleasant in temperature. Therefore, those who are looking for quiet walks and reasonable prices can fly here from March to June. In the summer it will be much warmer, but the number of tourists will increase many times.

Copenhagen Sightseeings

Radical changes have taken place in Copenhagen over the past thirty years: it has evolved from a predominantly industrial city to one where convenience, quality of life and pedestrians are important in the first place.

You will quickly feel the difference with other cities that are still striving for industrialization. And you will begin to enjoy the leisurely pace of life in a beautiful European city, slowly scrolling the bicycle pedals.

Nyhavn Harbor

Copenhagen's old harbor is crowded with restaurants and cafes. Here is the place to take a cup of coffee and have a look at the picturesque row of renovated 18th-century houses. It’s best to come here as early as possible. For example, take a morning cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, light music and food. Old wooden vessels are also moored in the harbor, between which it will also be interesting to stroll.

Now it’s hard to believe, but for most of its existence it was a seedy part of the city. And now it is one of the best places in the city for walks. In addition, here stands the house where Hans Christian Andersen lived once.

Copenhagen National Museum

This is an attraction where you can spend several hours without even noticing it. It collected a huge number of artifacts from all eras of the past of Denmark. For example, a sundial from the Bronze Age dating back to 1400 BC. A statue of a bronze horse on this watch pulls a golden disk with a picture of the sun. According to Scandinavian mythology, this is how the sun moved in the sky.

Also in this museum a lot is told about the Vikings and hundreds of artifacts that remain after them are shown.

Christiansborg Palace

The Danish Supreme Court, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Danish Parliament are located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen — Christiansborg Palace. The royal family of Denmark also uses the ornate halls of the palace for official events and receptions for top officials from other countries. One of the main halls is called the Big. Its length is 40 meters, and it can accommodate about 400 guests.

You can't just the palace. And will have to take an excursion. But you will be shown different secret places of the palace, a riding school, which you can go through the gallery, and a small court theater, which was built in 1767.

Bike tour

Copenhagen is probably one of the most favorable cities for cyclists in the world. Almost everyone who lives here regularly rides bicycles. And it is so safe that almost no one puts on even a helmet.

And also there are very flat terrain and wide bike paths. Therefore, exploring the city on a bicycle is the recommended entertainment. And at the same time, useful activity. In the city, several companies offer bicycles for rent. But one of the most common and long-standing is City Bike. These bikes even have built-in GPS tablets.

Botanical Garden

There is a huge botanical garden right in the center of Copenhagen on 10 hectares of land. It is interesting not only for its collection of vegetation, but also for its stunning beauty with galleries and greenhouses made of glass and iron, which are located here. Greenhouses have been standing here since the 1870s. And some of the plant species have been around for 200 years.

There are about 13 thousand species of plants In total in the garden. You probably have seen more than one hundred tropical ones, but have you seen the arctic garden? Here it is, for example. In one of the buildings in the garden, they created special arctic house for plants that grow in the most severe conditions.


Once upon a time, the military lived here, and since 1971, against the backdrop of the countercultural movement, a commune was formed in old houses. Half a century later, it still continues to grow and develop. Moreover, locals are arguing with the Danish government over more autonomy for their area.

In fact, this is a small city in the city with old military warehouses and barracks, in which artists now create, sell organic products, open small creative restaurants and music venues. For a cultural holiday, it’s worth going to Christiania.

What to eat in Copenhagen

Locals adore hot dogs. They are made with Copenhagen's signature sausage called rød pølse. They put it in a soft bun, pour it with ketchup and mustard. Usually this is a basic set, but they can also use different additives. It's the cheapest and fastest snack, which you must definitely try in Copenhagen.

There is nothing more Danish than smorrebrod. Special sandwiches with a whole mountain of different ingredients. Usually this is a whole grain bread with fish or meat on the top, then vegetables and herbs, and watered with delicious sauce. Smorrebrods are sold here almost everywhere.

One of the most traditional dishes are meatballs. The meatballs in Copenhagen do not taste like any other. As in any Scandinavian country, however.

Copenhagen pickled herring is sold as street food. As part of smorrebrod, and with boiled potatoes, and as an independent snack. It is said that in Scandinavia locals catch the most delicious herring in the world. So to visit Copenhagen and not to try the local herring is actually a crime.

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