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August 1

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Located 11 km west of the city of Krakow in the village of Balice, is the Kraków John Paul II International Airport. It is the second busiest airport in Poland. The airport has two terminals, one that handles domestic flights and the other for international destinations.

Transit to and from the airport is by train, taxi, bus or car rental. 

Quick facts about Krakow

Car rent
from $ 12 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 19 per night
Polish zloty
Reference average prices in Krakow
🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 6.40
🍕Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 26.68
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 0.84
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 1.01
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 570

Best time to visit Krakow

The best time to explore the city
from May to June
Hotels from $19
Krakow is coldest in January when the average temperature is -3°C and hottest in July when temperatures average 19°C and the most daily sunshine is 7 hrs.
The average annual rainfall for Krakow is 686 mm. July is the wettest month with up to 69mm of rain.
The weather

The best time to visit Krakow is in the spring from May to June when the city is in bloom, the weather is mild and the streets are less crowded. High season is in the summer between July and August. 

Poland’s second largest city, Krakow is the country’s main tourist destination.

Located close to the border of the Czech Republic on the Vistula River, it is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the country. 

Krakow is known for its Jewish quarter and the old town in its core. The city attracts millions of tourists from all around the world every year. 

Things to do in Krakow

Famous for its beauty and tourist locations, Krakow has a lot to offer the curious traveller. From Planty Park that surrounds the old town, to the magnificent Wawel Cathedral and iconic, 14th-century St. Mary's Basilica alongside other locations that hold the city’s history, culture and architecture, there is no shortage of things to do and see in Krakow. 

Wawel Castle

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, The Wawel Castle, an iconic monument of national importance, stands above the Old Town. The castle, which served as the seat of the King of Poland from the 13th to 17th century, was built with styles of architecture, from Romanesque to Baroque.

The castle was damaged in the 1650s by the Swedish invasion, after the capital had been moved to Warsaw. It was afterwards converted to a national museum in the 1940s, displaying the riches and treasures of the Polish monarchy. 

Krakow Old Town

Also known as Stare Miasto, Krakow’s Old Town used to be encircled by walls, now by the parkland called Planty Park. A walk through this planned city can be a historical journey of sorts as the plans for the town were drawn in 1257. 

From cellars with Gothic vaults, to atmospheric squares, churches, lovely bakeries, cafes and the former town hall. The Old Town offers unique sights and sounds of the city and a whole different perspective. 

Kościuszko Mound

Interred beneath this 34-metre-high mound is the body of the Polish national hero, Tadeusz Kościuszko who led an insurrection against Russia in 1794. His resistance efforts began in Kraków’s Main Square, and after he died his body was buried in the style of Poland’s ancient rulers. 

The mound which was completed in 1823, sits at the top of Sikornik hill, 326 metres above sea level.

Visitors can climb a winding path up the mound, entry which is through the Neo-Gothic Blessed Bronisława chapel. 

Dragon’s Den

Rich in flavour, Polish cuisine usually consists various kinds of meat, be it pork, chicken or beef. A few you could try include gołąbki, which is a cabbage roll with fillings of onion, mushrooms, rice and some poultry or mutton.

There’s also goulash, which is usually a beef stew served with vegetables and potatoes and seasoned with peppers and fried onions.  

Another great traditional dish to try is flaki, a Polish dish from the 14th century made from common ingredients such as carrots, beef soup, beef tripe, parsley and spiced with either salt, sweet paprika, black pepper or marjoram. 

Krakow Cuisine​

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