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March 18

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Located 7,5 km east Vinnytsia Railway Station and close to the village of Havryshivka is the Havryshivka Vinnytsia International Airport, which receives flights from numerous locations. Visitors can also get to the city from places like Kyiv or Lviv by bus or train.
At the airport there are buses and taxis to ferry travelers into the city.

Quick facts about Vinnytsia

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🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 3.70
🍕Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 14.80
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 0.78
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 0.15
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 204.32

The weather and best times to visit Vinnytsia

The hottest months and best times to visit Vinnytsia are June, July and August.
Hotel from 11$
Average temperatures in a year vary from −5°C in January and 18°C in July.
The average rainfall in a year is 623mm.

Vinnytsia offers a cold and temperate climate with a mild, long lasting summer, and a short winter. Rainfall is significant in the city and precipitation is present even in the dry months. 

Situated on the Southern Bug River, Vinnytsia is a beautiful city in west-central Ukraine.

The largest city in the region of Podillia, it is also the the administrative center of Vinnytsia Oblast. It is said to be one of the most comfortable and wealthiest cities in Ukraine.


Founded in 1362 by nephews of the Lithuanian Duke Olgerd, Fedir and Konstantin Koriatowiczes after their uncle had gifted the land to them, Vinnytsia started as a wooden fortress which later grew into a city.

Things to do in Vinnytsia

One of the most beautiful cities of Podillia, Vinnytsia is a charming location of captivating architecture and cute courtyards, not to mention its historical monuments and lush nature. Buried in golden wheat and sunflower fields, this gem of the Southern Bug is best explored walking along its lively streets. Here you will find elegant houses and cathedrals among other interesting attractions.


There are Swiss trams brough here to serve till last breath, and   Planetarium,  Museum of transport models, which collected small models from almost all over the country. The Museum of Colonial Goods 'Pan Zavarkin' sells great tea and coffee and has oustanding antiques design. Even in the toilet the exposure continues, hiding an old German clock between antique mirrors and incredible lamps, which proves that sometimes all things go wrong. And even time.


A little further McDonald's and ticket office are located. Vinnitsa is a wonderful city that has just begun its rapid development.

Transfiguration Cathedral

The main active temple of Vinnytsia, the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral started as one of the Dominican monastery churches in 1639. It was abolished two centuries later in 1832 and re-constructed as the Orthodox cathedral.


Visited often by tourists and Vinnytsia residents alike, the exterior of the cathedral is decorated in the Baroque style while the interior has fragments of 18th-century wall paintings. It functioned as a hall of organ music until 1991.

Vinnytsia Fountain Roshen

A most compelling attraction, and one of the best in Ukraine, is the Fountain Roshen. Lying on the waters of Southern Bug River, it is the largest floating fountain in Europe. Accompanied by light, music, laser effects and video projections on a water screen, this unique attraction is functional from April to October and its highest flow reaches 229ft with the front discharge of water reaching 460ft.

Pirogov Museum

Not far from the heart of the city, visitors to Vinnytsia will find, Pirogov Museum which opens up to the Vishnya Manor where Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov an outstanding anatomist, surgeon, scientist and teacher lived and spent the last 20 years of his life.


Nikolai Pirogov is considered to be the founder of field surgery and the museum consists of his estate and clinic where visitors will find an exposition of 12 sections which tell about his life and his work. There is also beside this, a mausoleum in which Pirogov’s embalmed body, preserved using techniques he developed himself, is stored and visible to the public. The complex also includes the memorial park and up to 16,000 monuments and exhibits. Opened in 1947, the National Pirogov’s Estate Museum is a popular tourist destination and a valuable part of Ukraine’s cultural heritage.


One of the most mysterious structures you will find in Vinnytsia and also in the central region of Ukraine, Werwolf was Hitler’s location for developing the German government’s plan with his officers. Although almost completely destroyed now, it was operational between July of 1942 and March of 1944 when it consisted of a telephone and power station, houses for officers, a small airfield, a garden designed specifically for the Hitler’s vegetarian needs, and underground bunkers.


Located a 10 minute drive from Vinnytsia, expeditions are still organized to the area.

Vinnitsya Cuisine​

The complexity of Ukrainian dishes have been influenced by climatic conditions, the rich soil, neighbouring countries and hard-working locals. Most dishes have garlic as the main seasoning, which give Ukrainian soups their distinct taste.


Speaking of soups, a visit to Vinnytsia is incomplete without having a bowl of delicious Borscht. This beet red soup is known all over the world and consists mainly of carrots, cabbage, potato, onions, meat of choice, as well as the beets, which give it its intense red colour.


Another popular dish is Deruny, thin potato pancakes served with sour cream and sometimes filled with meat or mushrooms. Salo, which is strips of bacon or lard, is also very popular with the locals, especially on a piece of bread, served with a clove of garlic.


For a drink, visitors can try some Uzvar, which is a traditional drink made from plums, pears and apples. It is a great drink for summer, but also served during Christmas festivities.

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