Forbiddances for carriage

The following articles are forbidden to carry as cabin baggage or in any place accessible during a flight:

(this list is merely an exemplification and may be constantly altered, so a list of effective articles must be consulted with the Airline and Security)

  • Fire arms;   
  • Side arms;
  • Sharp instruments;
  • Wooden rattles;
  • Axes;
  • Canes or pointed sticks;
  • Grenades, explosive, ammunitions or incendiary material;
  • Flammable substances, corrosives, radioactive or toxic, including gases, whether or not pressurised;
  • Knives;
  • Scissors with pointed tips;
  • Nags;
  • Ice climbing crampons;
  • Ice pick knives;
  • Professional tools;
  • Any other dangerous goods that can be used as weapons.

Besides the above referred articles, passengers are not authorised to carry liquids in the cabin, unless they are in individual recipients and must not exceed 100 millilitres or equivalent (100 g / 3 Oz), duly conditioned in a closed and transparent plastic bag, able to be opened and closed again whose total capacity does not exceed 1 litre per passenger. As a reference, plastic bag should not exceed 19 cm X 20 cm.

Liquids are:

  • Water and other beverages, soup and syrups;
  • Gels, including hair gel;
  • Pastes, including dentifrice paste;
  • Other articles with similar consistency;
  • Lotions, including perfumes and shaving creams; and
  • Aerosols and other pressurized recipients


Liquids necessary for all journies (flights and stay), required for medical use with medical document attesting the authenticity of that liquid and the exemption from forbiddance, and Liquids necessary for all journies (flights and stay), required to feed babies or needed for a special diet (with medical prescription). Whenever requested, passenger must provide or prove the authenticity of that liquid forbiddance exemption, by a gustatory or epidermis proof.


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