Passengers requiring prior medical clearance

The following particular cases are subject to prior medical clearance:

  • Passenger who suffers from any disease which is believed to be contagious;  
  • Passenger who due to an illness may have a behaviour or physical appearance that can become a source of discomfort to other passengers, or who might be a risk to the other passengers or to the safety of crew and passengers;
  • When the carriage may cause unusual hazard or risk to the passenger’s medical condition;
  • Passengers needing medical attention, or other medical equipment on board when passenger may not be carried in an aircraft standard seat (requires vertical position for landing and takeoff);
  • Babies younger than 7 days;
  • Expectant mothers with a pregnancy equal or superior to 36 weeks.

Any of the above information shall be transmitted to the Airline by the passenger, relatives, assistant doctor etc.

Acceptance for transportation of such cases is subject to a confirmed reservation for the whole journey after such special request is noticed by the Airline.

Airline may not accept passengers in the conditions described above, if considered a risk to crew, or to the other passengers, or to the safety of the flight; or due to aircraft restrictions etc.

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