Provide your full name when you make a booking

When booking a flight, you should always use your name exactly as it’s written in your passport or travel ID.

Total length of the below two fields shall not exceed 25 symbols.

 Given names: your first and middle name(s)

Surname(s): your family or last name(s)


  • If you are recently married but your passport still has your maiden name, we recommend that you contact the Airline before making a reservation.
  • If your passport says ‘John James Smith’ but you don’t commonly use your middle name, you should still include it in your booking.
  • Your middle name should be included with your first name in the same input box. In this example, the given name(s) would be John James.
  • Similarly, all surnames should be included together in the correct order, in the surname(s) box.

If you only have one name, then use that name in both fields. E.g. if your only name is Anna, then you should use “Given names: Anna, Surname(s): Anna. In this way, your e-ticket will show your name as Anna Anna.

Please do not use test, abracadabra, N/A, NIL, or None in the any of the name fields. The Airline may cancel such a reservation manually or by  robot and or apply a penalty. 

Airlines will not allow you on board if the name on your booking doesn’t match your passport.

Please note that Airlines usually charge a fee to correct a name after the booking has been made.

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