What should I check before paying for a flight?

Before going to the payment button, we recommend to double check that you’ve given accurate information, such as:

  • Travel dates. Please pay attention to the different time zones, which may occur during your transit.
  • Departure and arrival airports. Both airports and city names.  
  • Fare rules. Provided only in English and subject to change on the Airline side
  • Number of passengers having a seat and without a seat (infants)
  • Passenger age. Airlines may apply extra charge for incorrect fare application directly at the airport.
  • Passport data. Airlines may charge for incorrect passport details directly at the airport.  
  • First and last names. Please note that misspelling is not allowed and subject to denied boarding and or extra penalty directly at the airport or Airline office.
  • Email.  Your email will be used to send your E-ticket, unless marketing consent is given to us.  Airlines use this email to process your check-in, gate information, flight notifications etc.  
  • Phone number. Your phone number will be used for emergency and or irregularity notifications on behalf of the Airline.
  • Price. Please carefully check the total , inclusive of all tax and fees.
  • Currency. Please make sure you agree to the currency used to process the payment.   

The majority of the above changes may lead to booking/ticket cancellation and a refund will only be possible in accordance with the selected fare rules. Thus, you assume all possible risks and expenses related to possible booking mistakes and inaccuracies.  

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