My name is Crazy Llama

My name is Crazy Llama

Informal message to the world about my name

June 4

I'm Crazy Llama, savvy?


I checked several Google searches and, oh bros, I am shook! I have been called many names. I am not Mattew Mac... Mco... Mconohy.... Mc-Conaghey? I am not him. I am not Benedict Cumberpatch either.  Even i can spell their names almost on the first try, while you all trouble with something as awesome and simple as Crazy Llama

Let’s do some debriefing!


Someone has decided that ma name is Crazy Lama. For those, i’m gonna reveal the secret- “llama” goes with double L, and so the correct version is Crazy Llama. The only lama with a single L lives somewhere in Tibet (Dalai Lama). I think he would be offended if anyone called him crazy.


I’ve noticed a miraculous search query which is….lemme check, ah, right, ‘krezy llama’ that is. Surprised. Don’t people really know how to do it right? Extra credits for double L, neat in here, keep trying.

crazy Llama крейзи лама устала стикер
Crazy Llama Strange llama
I found some hyphen-style Crazy-Llama too. Peers, I ain’t some Anna-Maria Antoinette, no need to complicate the plainness. I’m just Crazy Llama.The name given by my parents, the TM and almost the brand. Stay careful, do not fall into confusion with all the fake letters and fake bro-llamas.I am the one and only, I even have a page from a reliable source:  #CrazyLlama
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