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July 10

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Located in the territory of Smalyavichy Raion but administratively designated to the Kastrychnitski District of Minsk, the Minsk National Airport (MSQ) is the main international airport of the city and of Belarus. The airport lies 42 km to the east of Minsk and serves as a hub for Belavia, the country’s flag carrier, as well as cargo carriers, Rubystar Airways, TransAVIAexport Airlines and Genex. Transport to and from the airport is by bus, car rental or taxi.


Quick facts about Minsk

Car rent
from $ 20
per day
Hotel booking
from $ 17
per night
Belarusian ruble
Reference average prices in Minsk
🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 7.07
🍕Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 30.00
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 1.48
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 341

Best time to visit Minsk

The best time to explore the city
middle of May to mid-September
Hotels from $ 17
Minsk is coldest in January when temperatures get as low as -4.5°C and hottest in July when it’s as high as 17°C. The average annual temperature in Minsk is 6.1 °C.
Average annual rainfall is Minsk is 662 mm, with February being the driest month receiving up to 33 mm and July being the wettest month with up to 87 mm of rain.
The weather

The best time to visit Minsk is from the middle of May to mid-September when the weather is idyllic and great for sightseeing.

Urban winter views of Minsk from the high floor View of the river Svisloch
An old city, even older than places like Stockholm and Moscow, Minsk is the capital of Belarus

 It is also the most populated city in the country and is considered one of the most sovietic cities from former SSSR. 

Located 120 km southeast of Vilnius and 340 km northeast of Warsaw in Eastern Europe, the city of Minsk was rebuilt during the Soviet period after being largely destroyed in the second world war. The city was also the capital for the former Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic until 1991.

This historic, but modern city features numerous monumental Soviet style buildings and Stalinist architecture, displaying its rich culture, traditions and history. 

Aerial view, cityscape of Minsk, Belarus. Summer season, sunset time. Nyamiha, Nemiga district

Things to do in Minsk

A clean and modern, progressive city, Minsk has a lot to offer even though it is one of the least visited capitals of Europe. A pleasant and inexpensive city, it offers a cultural scene filled with theatre, ballet, opera and a circus. There are also art galleries, leafy parks, museums, a charming old town and monumental old churches to explore. Visitors will also find a vibrant nightlife in the many nightclubs, impressive restaurants and fashionable cafes in the city.

Parliament building on the Independence square in Minsk

Independence Square

Formerly known as Lenin Square, the Independence Square in Minsk is one of the largest squares in all of Europe. The square is home to the Church of St. Simon and Helena, the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, Minsk City Hall and St. Helen. 

Located in the centre of the city, many visitors begin their walking tour on Independence Avenue and end at the square which also has a huge shopping centre beneath it. 

Church of Saints Simon and Helena

Known also as the Red Church, the Church of Saints Simon and Helena is a structure of red brick towers, pitched roofs and spires. It was built by a noble Belarusian family from 1908 to 1910 just after the death of their two young children.

Church of Saints Simon and Helena became a symbol for the grief that surrounds untimely death.
​The church was converted to a cinema and then a film studio when the Bolsheviks were in power, but was returned to its original status in 1990.

Belarusian State Circus

There is always something new to see at the Belarus State Circus building, which was opened in 1959 as the first permanent circus building in the USSR. Back then Russia elevated enabled the circus to be elevated as an art form comparable to other performance arts such as the ballet and opera. 

Today the Belarus State Circus is an internationally recognised group which has several awards to its name and performs all over the world. There are also a lot of performances by international circus groups in Minsk, so there is always something fun to see. 

Gorky Park

Similar in name to the park in Moscow, Gorky Park in Minsk, Belarus was established in 1800 as a simple garden. It was named after the famous Soviet writer, Maxim Gorky. The park is located close to the Victory Square as well as the Yanka Kupala Park.

The park currently has an observatory which is home to a planetarium, an ice-skating rink and an amusement park which features a 56-metre-high Ferris wheel from which you can get great views of the city. 

Minsk Cuisine

Belarusian cuisine is filled with many tasty dishes and usually have potatoes in their recipes. Some of the foods you would come across in the hospitable capital include, zhurek, a soup typical to both Belarus and Poland. Zhurek is made of dark bread and oats. 


There is also the potato pancake known as draniki, which consists mainly of grated potatoes, onions, bacon, meat, cheese and mushrooms. Draniki is usually served with sour cream. 


Another famous dish is kletski, which is similar to Russian pelmeni, but with a crescent shape and bigger. Pastry dumplings filled with meat, kletski can be added to soup, or served with roasted onions and sour cream.

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