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September 4

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The city of Larnaca stands on the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Kition. Historically, this place served as a major shopping center. Boats with merchants from different countries arrived endlessly in a large and beautiful local port. The remains of the port, as well as a complex of ancient Greek temples dating from the 12th century, can be seen in different parts of the city. In Larnaca, ancient columns everywhere look at tourists at the same time as modern shopping complexes. Here you can wander around under palm trees, ride on yachts, take a measured rest and immediately forget about all the problems.

Larnaca International Airport, LCA

This is the main and largest airport in Cyprus. In addition, Larnaca Airport is considered the most comfortable and modern on the island. About 5 million passengers pass through it annually. The construction of the airport was completed in the near 2006. It is only 8 km from the city center. In general, it is very clean and comfortable, but you need to be prepared for the high cost of any services — resort prices come to light after leaving the plane. And also get ready to stand in line after arrival. They’re moving pretty fast, but there’s clearly more passengers than the airport can handle.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

You can get from Larnaca airport by bus number 22 or number 24. It will cost a trip of a modest $ 1.6. But there are some peculiarities. For example, buses do not work at all on Sunday. At night, the fare is almost doubled.

But Larnaca has a pretty cheap taxi, and it’s not far to go. You can find a car directly in the parking lot at the exit of the airport. The fare will be about $ 12.

Quick facts about Larnaka

Car rent from $ 20 per day
from $ 12 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 20 per night

Reference average prices in Larnaka

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 12,36
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 42,14
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 3,37
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 1,69
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 474,99

Best time to visit Larnaka

Best season to travel: April to May and September to October
Hotel from $20
The average temperature during the year ranges from 7°C to 33°C
The average rainfall per year is 352 mm

Even in winter, the temperature in Larnaca rarely drops below 10 degrees. Basically, there is real resort weather, which pleases tourists from March almost until the beginning of December.

Larnaka Sightseeings

In Larnaca, you can take a detailed look at the lifestyle of the Cypriots. A relaxing holiday is perfectly balanced with the noisy atmosphere of a busy city. So you can just soak up the sun and entertain yourself with something interesting in the evenings.

In Larnaca, outdoor enthusiasts are invited to try different water sports: from wakeboarding to a good old banana-ride. But although the beaches are indeed the main attraction of Larnaca, you must definitely go outside the hotel and consider the city in detail.

St. Lazarus Church and Museum

According to legend, Lazarus came to Cyprus after he was resurrected by Jesus Christ, and lived in Larnaca for 30 years. A church was built around his grave. Since that time, Lazarus became the main saint of Larnaca, in whose honor processions and festivals are held here annually.


Next to the church is the Byzantine Museum, dedicated to this important period in the history of Larnaca. Both the church and the museum are among the most important Byzantine monuments in Cyprus as a whole. Although the three domes and the original bell tower of the church were destroyed during the first years of the conquest of Cyprus by the Ottoman Empire, the iconostasis of the church is excellently preserved and is considered a masterpiece of the Baroque style.

Promenade Finikoudes

This is the most famous road in Larnaca, which leads to the best Larnaca beach — Finikoudes. The whole area is surrounded by palm trees, and it looks like a wonderful oasis. Parallel to the beach are lined restaurants and shops. And on the embankment, carnivals and festivals are regularly held. And you can find entertainment for yourself at any time of the year or day. Not only tourists, but also locals love to come here. So already in the evening you can find yourself some new friends who will gladly show a little more interesting things in Larnaca.

Piale Pasa Street

This street is laid right along the Mediterranean Sea. On the one hand, you walk along the medieval castle, and on the other, right along the coastline. At every step here you want to make perfect marine selfies with relaxation. After a good walk, you can go to one of the local restaurants to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.


The local castle, by the way, was built in the 12th century and became the first fortification of the Byzantine era. Despite the abundance of conquests and conquests of Larnaca by different peoples, the castle was perfectly preserved and actively exploited by the British colonialists until the 50s of the last century.

The Salt Lake

Approximately on 2 square kilometers there is one of the most picturesque sights of Larnaca — Salt Lake. It exists on this site for about 5 million years. In the prehistoric period, it was a bay, and from the 17th century BC served as a port for locals. Excavations show that it was the first Cyprus port that made a trading hub out of the country.


Obviously, one of the main local products was salt, which was mined from the bay, and subsequently from the lake. They stopped mining it recently. And now it’s just a recreational area with its own ecosystem.

Zenobia wreck

A huge Swedish ship carrying 104 trailers and trucks sank here in June 1980. This was his first and last trip to Cyprus. Subsequently, korbal turned into an artificial reef. Many species of fish have made it their natural habitat. A unique flora and fauna formed at the crash site. Divers put Zenobia in the top ten diving spots in the world. But even if you are not ready to dive yourself, take a trip on a glass bottom boat — the top of the ship is 16 meters from the surface of the water, and visibility on a normal day is 50 meters.

The settlement of Hoyrokitiya

This is a Neolithic settlement, reconstructed after excavations and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The settlement has 5 round dwellings. During the reconstruction, the same construction technologies and materials were used as 12 thousand years ago. In addition, household items and furniture are presented in the houses, which were found during excavations or recreated from the remains.

Monastery of the Holy Cross

The monastery, built in 330 AD, stands on top of a mountain. It was founded by Saint Helen, mother of Constantine the Great. She brought from her travels a fragment of the Holy Cross, in honor of which the monastery got its name.


The monastery still remains more a sanctuary than a tourist attraction. A conservative brotherhood of monks lives in it, which does not allow women to enter the territory of the building. But men can freely visit the monastery daily from morning to evening, except for lunch hours. However, from the mountain on which the religious building stands, you can see the Gulf of Larnaca and its surroundings.

What to eat in Larnaka

Local cuisine is a combination of Arabic, Greek, Turkish and British gastronomic traditions. Lovers of seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese and wine, as well as unique oriental sweets will definitely like it.


From Turkish cuisine, locals borrowed the traditions of cooking oriental pizza. It is cooked with various vegetables, local cheese and meat delicacies. Special types of seafood pizza are also worth a try in Larnaca restaurants, even if you usually avoid such combinations.


In the menu of local restaurants you will definitely find musaka — a popular dish in Greece of lamb, eggplant and other vegetables. Meat lovers will love kleftiko: baked lamb in the oven according to a special local recipe.


One of the most popular local snacks is tzatziki — a sauce of yogurt, peppermint, cucumbers and garlic. In general, dairy products are used very widely in traditional Larnaca cuisine. They make goat-cheese that is fantastic in taste and prepare perfect yoghurts and cottage cheese. Walking around the local markets, be sure to check out the dairy department and try everything you can.

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