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September 2

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Stockholm is a city of contrasts. It is where trends in music, design, fashion and technology are born. Innovations are invented here and spread around the world. World-class trendy bars and restaurants are located next to historic cafes and cozy pubs.

Stockholm is both urban and close to nature. There is water everywhere. The atmosphere is open, tolerant and welcoming. Stockholm is a city for everyone who is ready for European openness and advancement (if you understand what we are talking about).

Stockholm Airports

Although Stockholm is a relatively small city with a population of about a million people (the Chinese do not even take up to 10 million, for example), they serve the capital at once 4 airports. If you fly from Poznan or London, you can get to the airport with the name from the Game of Thrones Westeros 100 km from Stockholm. Flights from Brussels, other Scandinavian countries and domestic routes most often end at Bromma Airport. It is the most convenient one because it is located right in the city. But you should not expect its expansion in the coming years.


Most tourists will still arrive at one of the two main airports in Stockholm.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN

The emphasis in the word Arlanda must be put on the first "a", and at the same time consider that this is the largest airport in Stockholm. Although in fact it is not even in the capital, but 40 km from it.


Arlanda is a large and convenient airport with an original design. Its capacity of 25 million passengers per year makes Arlanda Airport the largest in Sweden. Interesting fact: this is one of the few airports in the world where NASA's space shuttle crash landing is possible.

How to get from Arlanda Airport to the center?

Train: An Arlanda Express train leaves the airport every 15 minutes for Stockholm Central Station. Only 20 minutes drive. The ticket costs about $ 30. But there's nothing to be done — Sweden is very expensive.


Bus: Flygbussarna provides buses from the airport to Stockholm city center for $ 20 round trip. Moreover, the return ticket is valid for a month. Buses also leave every 15 minutes, but the journey will take twice as long as on a train.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport, NYO

If you fly with low-cost, then most likely you will land at Skavst Airport. Although the airport belongs to Stockholm, physically it is located as much as 100 km from the city. Otherwise, it is absolutely typical hub for passenger aircraft, where you should not rely on a special design or additional services.

How to get from Skavst Airport to the center?

Train: not the easiest way, because you have to do a transplant and hope that everything goes according to plan. First, take bus number 515 to Nykoping Station near the airport. Then transfer by train to Stockholm. Travel by bus will cost $ 3, and another 10 you will spend on train. But keep in mind that you need to buy train tickets in advance — the sooner the cheaper.

Bus: the most convenient way to get to Stockholm from Skavsta is by Flygbussarna bus. One way ticket will cost $ 15. It’s the cheapest to buy online, and it is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. The trip will take about 90 minutes, and the departure schedule is adjusted to the landing of the aircraft.

Quick facts about Stockholm

Car rent
from $ 19 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 21 per night
Swedish krona

Reference average prices in Stockholm

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 12,4
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 72,3
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 6,2
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 4,13
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 1 238

Weather and best time to visit Stockholm

Best time to visit: summer
Hotel from $21
The average temperature during the year ranges from -5°C to 23°C
The average rainfall per year is 539 mm

Stockholm has mild winters and cool summers. The tourist season here begins closer to June and ends in the fall.

Stockholm Sightseeings

Stockholm is a city to explore on foot. Here, ideal embankments, medieval buildings, numerous parks, street entertainment. Most popular attractions, restaurants and areas are within a 20–40 minute walk from the city center. Public transport in Stockholm is much more convenient than rented cars. And high-speed Wi-Fi is available almost anywhere in the city.

Boat trips

The Stockholm archipelago consists of 24,000 islands, so a boat trip is the best idea to explore the city and its surroundings. Stockholm offers short excursions and long trips. A motor ship may also be an attraction itself.

For example, SS Blidösund was built in 1910. It is actually a museum on the water. He walks around the archipelago.

Kulturhuset — cultural hub

In the center of Stockholm there are no canals and green parks as in other areas of the capital, but it has its own charm, created in the style of late modernism. For example, Kulturhuset is a friendly five-story complex with a library, a theater, a cinema, an art gallery, a cafe, a tourist informational and cultural center. Here, under one roof, chess lovers, moviegoers, children, retirees and tourists gather. On the top floor there is a Panorama Cafe with city views and completely edible sandwiches.

Swedish sauna
A sauna is an important ritual in Sweden. Mostly Stockholm residents build saunas in their own homes, but there are also quite a few public baths known as bastu. One of the best is Centralbadet, opened in 1904. It has still retained its original Art Nouveau style: quiet, clean, spacious and decorated in shades of blue and purple. There are pools, dry and wet saunas, baths and a jacuzzi — a complete set for a relaxing holiday.
Skogskyrkogården cemetery
Swedes love nature and tranquility. So much that they like to walk around the Skogskyrkogården cemetery, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.Construction of the cemetery began in 1917. The task of turning the wetlands into a cemetery was taken over by the architect Gunnar Asplund, who also designed the Stockholm City Library.
Food Markets
There are three main indoor food markets in Stockholm. Feel free to come to any of them, but Hötorgshallen is the largest, cheapest and most diverse. Here you can find not only Swedish delicacies, but also various products from around the world — Latin America, North Africa, Finland, Central Europe and the Middle East.The queues can be long, but the quality of the products is worth it. Here you can try mature Swedish cheese, Finnish licorice, calf kidneys or a special fermented Swedish sausage.
Skansen, Gröna Lund and ABBA Museum

Still not to give in to nature and tranquility? Can be sent to the Skansen Zoo, especially if traveling with children. And there immediately nearby is the amusement park Gröna Lund. So as soon as you get tired of walking around the zoo, go on a swing.

Well, the third mandatory place to visit in the same area is the ABBA Museum. This Swedish group has become a cult around the world, so the museum in Stockholm is a must to visit.

What to eat in Stockholm

There is a fundamental difference between the Atlantic and Baltic herring. The latter is smaller and “slimmer”, but at the same time it has a more interesting taste. In addition, it is used for a surprisingly smelly dish surströming. This national way of cooking fish is an attraction for the faint of heart. It’s just a long fermented canned herring. It is believed that the stronger the ""aroma"", the better the quality of surströming. By the way, you can’t bring this special Swedish herring as a souvenir. It is forbidden to take it with you on the plane, even in luggage.


Baltic herring is sold everywhere in Stockholm in a very different way. It is often served fried on crisp bread. Once it was the traditional food of the poor, and today it is a common fast food.


Another interesting Swedish treat that is often sold on the street is Tunnbrödsrulle: sausages wrapped in soft cakes with mashed potatoes and a shrimp salad. A strange combination, but you must try.

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