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September 25

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Seychelles is an African country in the Indian Ocean, which consists of 115 pieces of land of various sizes. Directors usually shoot here all the films about beautiful beaches and luxurious relaxation. Seychelles is about continuous nature, relaxation and, once again, nature.

Seychelles International Airport, SEZ

This is the largest airport in the Seychelles, which is located near the capital Victoria. And although it is equipped enough to accept all types of aircraft, just few airlines fly here on regular basis.


There are three terminals at the airport, one of which is international. Airplanes from Johannesburg, Paris, London, Mumbai and others fly here. It has that minimal set of traveler that should be at any airport: ATMs, free Wi-Fi, shops and much more.


But lingering here does not make sense. Arrived in the Seychelles? Go straight to the beach, bypassing the airport as soon as possible.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

Only 20 minutes by car separates the traveler arriving at the airport from the center of the island capital of Victoria. At the same time, a taxi is also the most convenient way of all. And such a trip will cost a maximum of $ 10, but most likely even cheaper.

There are also buses from the airport to Victoria. They depart two or three times per hour, depending on the time of day. The cost of the trip is about 20 cents which is quite ridiculous. But comfort will obviously be less than in a taxi, and you will have to spend much more time.

Quick facts about Seychelles

Car rent
from $ 50 per day
Hotel booking
from $ 38 per night
Seychellois Rupee

Reference average prices in Seychelles

🌭 Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant
$ 18,28
🍕 Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
$ 51,17
🍺 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)
$ 3,66
🚌 One-way Ticket (Local Transport)
$ 0,51
🏠 Apartment rent per month (1 bedroom in City Centre)
$ 942,23

Best time to visit Seychelles

Best season to travel: April to May and October to November
Hotel from $38
The average temperature during the year ranges from 24°C to 30°C
The average rainfall per year is 2237 mm

Seychelles is hot all year round. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing the best season is the best balance of wind and rain, and this is autumn and spring.

Seychelles Sightseeings

The Seychelles archipelago is a real kaleidoscope of natural splendors. Here you will find a series of high mountains, and hectares of green forests, and clear ocean water, and magical beaches. There is literally everything to completely forget about the noise of megacities in the Seychelles,. But in general there is a whole bunch of entertainment. And here are some of them.

Beach vacation

Well, without classic wallowing on the beach you definitely shouldn't even come to Seychelles. Absolutely white sand and brilliant ocean water are everywhere. Go for all these pleasures to the beaches of Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Sors d'Argan or Beau Vallon.

You can simply take a walk, sunbathe, swim and surf on these charming beaches. Some beaches have a lot of water activities for every taste: diving, water skiing, snorkeling and much more.

Mahe Island

Fans of outdoor activities should definitely follow the Copolia trail on the Mahe island. A pedestrian road passes right above the granite top of the hill, which offers the best view of the island and the surrounding Indian Ocean. A walk along the trail is absolutely free. To make a halt somewhere on the edge of the world.

Valle de Mai

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Valle de Mai Nature Reserve is located jn 20 hectares of the island of Praslin. This is one of the rarest places on earth where coconut palms grow in their natural habitat, not cultivated by humans.

It is also the best place for bird watching. You can find endangered birds in the reserve such as the blue dove or black parrot. Among the palm forests, three hiking trails have been laid, a walk along which will allow you to explore all the natural attractions of the reserve.

Island tour

It would be a shame to come to the Seychelles and visit only a few of the most popular islands out of 115. But to visit each of them, no vacation is enough. So what to do? Go on a cruise in the Seychelles.

Finding a tourist ship that will ride you among the lush vegetation of islands, mountain ranges and beaches will not be a difficult task. Choose what you prefer: a full-fledged cruise on a small yacht, a short boat trip on an ordinary tourist boat or a romantic swim in kayaks with a transparent bottom.

Giant turtles

Seychelles is the only place in the world where you can find wild giant turtles outside the Galapagos Islands. To do this, you should go for a walk on the island of Curiez, where the largest local population lives. There are no hotels or restaurants on the island, so plan your trip carefully. In addition to turtles, you will see beaches untouched by man and amazing thickets of mangrove forests.


If you want to get unique new experiences, try a ride on one of the Seychelles ziplines. There are 8 of them on the tops of some islands. Here you will be put on insurance, attached to a rope and sent on a trip across the island. The main thing is not to be afraid and not close your eyes in order to better see the unique nature. A trip on a zipline is much cheaper than a helicopter, and there will be even more impressions.

What to eat in Seychelles

It can be difficult to find food on the island. Far from everywhere there are not just supermarkets, but even more or less decent shops. In the same way, in the Seychelles, you will most likely have to shop at small counters or at local eateries. For example, almost anywhere you can find a standard dinner set: rice, seafood and green papaya. An excellent combination of light and wholesome foods.

Since the British colonialists most often had hired servants at their disposal, a significant part of the country's population was of Indian origin. Together with the servants in the Seychelles, unusual combinations of new tasty dishes appeared. Everywhere you go on the islands, you will find the best seafood cooked in Indian spices that you have ever tasted.

In general, in the Seychelles it is always better to choose the first one between fish and meat. Just because fish is caught right off the coast, and meat is brought from Brazil, for example. If you want to eat fresh food, take fish or fruit. Local food in general can be forced to become the healthiest diet for any tourist.

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